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You Are Enough By Ariel & Shya Kane

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You Are Enough By Ariel & Shya Kane

“Today you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” – Dr. Seuss

You absolutely underestimate yourself because you are never “good enough” for your mind – and we all have minds. Join Ariel & Shya Kane in Being Here and celebrate being YOU.

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RECLAIM your happy and GAIN clarity through meditation. By Marni

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Health & Wellness
RECLAIM your happy and GAIN clarity through meditation. By Marni

Common thoughts & phrases I hear from clients about Meditation:
“I can’t sit still” “My mind doesn’t settle” “It’s too hard”  
“I don’t know where to begin”
“Are there other ways to Meditate?” “Am I doing it Right?” “How long?” “What tools help?”
“I fall asleep?” “I have issues sleeping”

If you’ve ever said any of these things and wanted to receive all the benefits of meditation, then this workshop is for you.

I will teach Meditation 101 on November 30th. You learn how to achieve the great benefits in a style that meets you where you are. Join me in this workshop hosted by Sip and Skill (see Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/sipandskill/?fref=ts ).  Go to the Sip and Skill Facebook for details and the website to sign up and tell them I referred you. Space is limited so sign up today. https://www.sipandskill.com/

Cultivating Your Meditation Practice
This workshop is for YOU IF..  
*you want to discover what meditation is like and its benefits
*you want to try meditating to see if it is for you
* you want to BEGIN meditating and don’t know how.
* you’ve started a practice and want help boosting your benefits
* you enjoy meditation and want to expand your know-how and tools.

What you Learn…
* Learn about meditation and how it can benefit you physically, mentally, emotionally.  It can help rewire your brain.  

* Learn Powerful tools making it easier for you to meditate and create a style all your own.

* Learn my personal Invaluable secrets to increase your meditation benefits

*Learn what you need to begin meditating

* As my private clients have told me, you will feel “empowered and have fun”

*Experience guided meditation

I teach interactively…so there will be multiple exercises throughout the1 1/2 hour event and q/a throughout.

Meditation changed my life and I love helping other people access the benefits-mind, body & spirit.  Please join me on the evening of November 30th for a fun and interactive experience. Head to www.sipandskill.com and sign up today as space is limited and tell them I referred you. https://www.sipandskill.com/ See you there.

MB Jesse Painting, Rockstar Vitamins, Good Deed Gardening, Self-Esteem By Cynthia Brian

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MB Jesse Painting, Rockstar Vitamins, Good Deed Gardening, Self-Esteem By Cynthia Brian

naked ladies - 1

Does your house need painting, either on the inside or outside? MB Jessee Painting is an experienced, trusted painting company offering comprehensive interior and exterior services, decorative finishes, and color mixing expertise, Matt Jessee will be with us to discuss how he and his team deliver consistent excellence and what you need to look for in a painter.

Vitamins may be nutritional superheroes but minerals are the rockstars. In Health Matters, Heather Brittany shows you how to get the five essential minerals to supercharge your day.

Self-talk is important in all we do. While teaching children and young adults to make positive self-statements can help, psychologists have found that negative self-talk is often behind depression and anxiety.  Learn how to boost self-esteem for a happier, brighter future.

Gardening is good for you. It rekindles our passions, arouses our senses, and keeps us in shape.  Gardening is a terrific activity for maintaining joint flexibility, bone density, range of motion, and most of all quality of life. Cynthia Brian, Goddess Gardener, offers tips on doing good deeds for yourself through gardening.
Guest Bio: MB Jessee
Matt B Jessee’s journey as a painter began with a relentless commitment to education, professional development, and delivering a high-quality product that he could be proud of. As his clientele grew, Matt then began to assemble a team that shared his values and painting expertise. With MB Jessee Painting as an established, growing local company, Matt is now thrilled to be able to give back to the community, encouraging and investing in local charities and organizations.  http://www.mbjessee.com/ 
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Empowering Women of Power by Aileen Nunez

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Empowering Women of Power by Aileen Nunez

image (1)

Empowering Women of Power
So often we find ourselves feeling we have to be super women that can handle it all.  Trying to be the best at everything comes with a price.  My book is about teaching women that being empowered is knowing how to balance all the different hats we wear without losing the most important thing of all, OURSELVES!!!!!! Forgetting ourselves in the midst of the chaos will never help us feel successful.  Giving up our dreams will make us bitter and sad.  Losing site of our purpose will create resentment and hatred.  Choosing to make it about everyone without any left over for us will fill us with low self esteem and low self love.  So being a Woman of Power means we remember that being the best that we can be fills us with a level of empowerment that is what a true leader is all about.  Finding true success as a Woman of Power is filling ourselves with self love, self honor, self respect, self confidence, self esteem, self appreciation and self admiration.  Many calculate this as being conceited or self centered but the truth of the matter is being at your best you can share your best from a place of love.  Treat yourselves and pamper you!!!! Feeling great is exactly what it feels like to be a Woman of Power.   Share your experiences and help others find that inner empowerment…..

Tune in live to “It’s Absolutely All About You“ every Friday at 2pm PST

How You & Your Child Can Thrive Through Personal Style by Hemda Mizrahi

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How You & Your Child Can Thrive Through Personal Style by Hemda Mizrahi

How can you present a true, clear message about who you are, both at home and at work? Personal Style Coach Allison Hamilton-Rohe reveals her formula during a guest appearance on my Internet radio show, “Turn the Page”

Our dialogue about launching you on your style journey continued after the show, when Allison offered an example of powerful personal style: “Look at the amazing Duchess of Windsor, whose husband literally gave up his kingdom and chose exile over life without her. While she was not a “classic” beauty, her charisma and appeal were undeniable — especially for her King!” This is one of the ways that personal style is distinct from fashion. The common personal style thread across your lifetime is YOU, what flatters and matters to you most, what you aspire to be and do.

Once you experience how the language of style can move you past image anxiety and into a more fulfilling reality, you’ll appreciate the benefits of discovering it earlier in life. Hopefully, this will motivate you to pass the learning onto younger generations, including your children and grandchildren.

Allison references Carol Dweck’s book, “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success,” in identifying ways you can support your child in achieving a positive self-image. Dr. Dweck’s research indicates that 40% of your happiness is a product of how you see yourself, and the corresponding choices you make.

As a parent or guardian, how can you help your youngster to look and feel good? These are strategies that Allison’s own kids have embraced:

The number one thing you want to encourage, instill and empower your children to feel towards themselves, their bodies AND their style is love. You can do this any number of ways!

Dr. Dweck suggests offering process rather than person praise. This involves acknowledging repeatable behaviors that can reinforce a praiseworthy character trait, skill, action, or outcome. For example, rather than saying “you look pretty,” be specific about what you appreciate: “I love how those barrettes bring out the sky blue color of your eyes.”  A statement like this encourages your child to feel proud about doing something well. In contrast, “person praise” can create self-doubt when something goes awry, like the physical changes and emotional reactions that might occur at the onset of puberty!

When you’re shopping with your children or going through their wardrobes, only buy/keep things they love.  If they need a new coat, find a coat they love.  If you have a sense of their style and size, shop online with them.  You might select a few items and then ask them to look at the order before making the purchase. Ask them one question only: “Do you love what I’ve picked out for you?” If they say no, delete it. No exceptions. This sets a precedent that style is something that feels good and they can enjoy.

It’s okay to insist that your children brush their hair and teeth, clean their bodies, and wear clothes that aren’t ripped. This is basic grooming. It’s important to teach your children these habits early on so they’re prepared when the time comes for them to “dress to impress.” It may take energy and patience, and consistent practice works.

Allison shares a personal illustration: “I posted a picture checklist by my kids’ door that I ask them to check everyday. They receive a star each time they complete their list. When they master a skill, I give them a bonus and we celebrate. Now, if I notice they forgot to brush their hair, all I have to say is, “Checklist?” and they go, “Oh!  Whoops!” and run back upstairs.” This tactic can be adapted to the specifics of your household. If you have a special needs child, creating a visual map of the checklist and breaking down tasks can be helpful. Teaching basic self-care is deeply important to preparing a child to be an independent adult.

If you’re dressing up for a party and your child is dying to wear a dress that’s a bit over-the-top, or put on lipstick, don’t sweat it.  If your kid puts on a shirt and pants that don’t match well and he’s three, let it go! If your son wears pink or your daughter wears combat boots, offer the freedom of experimentation. Allison reflects on rejoicing in her daughter’s self-expression: “I bought my daughter a button that read, “I dressed myself today. I loved posting her wacky outfits on Facebook.” Style can be fun and it allows kids to play with who they want to be. Allow your kids to enjoy it!

Your kid is going to be who she is. If you do your job well, she’ll value her unique qualities and use them to propel her purpose in the world. If your kids settle into a style that unsettles you, have a conversation about the power of style and what it means for first impressions.  Allow your children to be in control of the message, and check in to ensure it’s the message they truly want to send. If not, work with them to change it. If your son loves his style and it STILL unsettles you, enlist a family therapist to address the underlying issues both for you and your child.

Identifying with any of these strategies as ones you’d like to adopt for yourself? Go for it!  Your example is the best guide for your children. If you’re kind to yourself, insist on love, maintain standards, allow yourself to play, and encourage your own self-expression through style, they will, too!

If you need expert guidance along the way, contact Allison through www.dailyoutfit.com. Mention this blog in booking a session on the “Work With Me” page of her site, and read on through her free newsletter and blog posts, including this one on “back-to-school” shopping sprees: http://www.dailyoutfit.com/2014/08/top-10-tips-to-make-back-to-school.html

If you haven’t yet listened to Allison’s guest appearance on my show, we invite you to learn about the three key components of her personal style formula. Find out how personal style can work for you


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What a powerful statement Deepak shares with us in his 21-Day Meditation Series. I am so grateful to be able to reflect on this with you. WE ARE ALL INTERCONNECTED. I have always pondered what that truly means and I believe it stems from the fact that we are all united by the goodness that lies within each of us, traits such as kindness towards others, compassion, love, and a need to be accepted. We cannot align with the true self and demonstrate peace, harmony and reconciliation unless we are able to go within and with a quiet heart, recognize the equality among us. We cannot view life with an “us vs. them” mentality. This will only segment us from others.

Today, I ask you to open your awareness to see how alike you are with others. Reach out to others with a smile, handshake or offer to assist to rejoice in humanity.

When turning inward, you can bring about peace by:

1. Quieting the inner turmoil. Take a few deep breaths and release all the self-limiting beliefs that enter your mind. Focus on the silence.

2. Seek to expand your awareness by looking for the solution within yourself and free of the dispute. This requires having faith in your true self and intuition to guide you to the solution. You create peace from within, from the silent core of your being. When you recognize this, you will free yourself from negativity.

Tune in with Kristin every Monday at 7am PST to Intentional Living

“If Your Beliefs Are Limitless And Ever-Evolving Then Your Life Will Be Too.” – Oprah

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“If Your Beliefs Are Limitless And Ever-Evolving Then Your Life Will Be Too.” – Oprah

Are you ready to learn something truly powerful? It only takes one moment of conscious awareness to shift the entire course of your life. I am living proof. My “Do It All, Do It Perfectly, and Never Let Them See You Sweat” mentality took me to a perfect storm situation in which I was deeply grateful to be able to make a conscious choice to change the way I lived my life. Over time, my life has evolved into a life of true abundance and it all started with awareness and a conscious choice. You can do it too.

According to Oprah, “Your personal power is not about what you do in your life, it is in how you live within.” I could not agree more. This belief changed everything for me.You hold the key to your natural gifts and unlimited potential to succeed; all you have to do to unlock the door is to believe in yourself.

Deepak reaffirms this by saying all we have to do to achieve personal power is align our core beliefs with our true self. You can do this. I believe in you fully! Let’s unlock that door together. A simple shift from self-criticism to self-acceptance can begin the transformation. What can you do today to show yourself you are worthy, loved, secure, and fulfilled? Just one simple act, start small. Journal about each of the core beliefs (I am worthy. I am loved. I am secure. I am fulfilled.) and how they are progressing. Simply observe without judgment and be kind to yourself. We are planting seeds right now and like a garden, we need to nourish it. Let expanded awareness take care of the rest. Realize this journey to activate your true self takes time and is not easy. I am here to support you in any way I can.

Tune in every Monday at 7am PST to Intentional Living

What Place Do You Choose To Call Home?

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What Place Do You Choose To Call Home?

When you take a good look at yourself in the morning what do you see? Someone who is not thin enough? Not smart enough? Not pretty enough? Why is there always that sense of lacking something? Why can’t we look in the mirror and see the beauty encompassing our being…the radiance within that shines so brightly if we simply allow it to be seen?

You can change your beliefs at any given moment. You can move away from the scarcity mindset into a feeling of gratitude for the abundance in your life simply by focusing on the positive instead of the negative. Deepak says, “Finding a path back to your source is a matter of letting life settle down to where it wants to be. What you seek, you already are.” When you stop looking for change outside of yourself and turn inward and simply allow for the realization of your unique talents and gifts, you unlock your unlimited potential.

Like a present waiting to be unwrapped, that beautiful gift lies dormant inside until you choose to reveal it. Start at the source and seek all the answers from within. Don’t follow someone else’s map. Don’t wait for a miracle. Follow the flow of your awareness. Don’t resist what is ready to manifest inside if only given the chance. Open yourself to the unknown and stop censoring what you intuitively know to be true. Reach beyond yourself and be genuine and speak your truth. The truth will set you free of your ego and self-limiting beliefs. Let the center be your home. According to Deepak Chopra, the next time you see your life from a place of lack, instead you can:

– Say, “This situation may be shaking me, but I am more than any situation.”
– Take a deep breath and focus your attention on whatever your body is feeling.
– Step back and see yourself as another person would see you.
– Realize your emotions are not reliable guides to what is permanent and real. They are momentary reactions, and most likely they are born of habit.

This change of perspective will bring an awareness which allows the fight between good and evil, and us and them to calm down in their clashes to make way for a world in which your beautiful self can emerge…a world you deserve to call home.

Tune in with Kristin every Monday at 7am PST to Intentional Living.

InsideOut Forum Discussion Call: There is no Business as Usual: Are You Ready to Stand for Something?

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7th Wave
InsideOut Forum Discussion Call: There is no Business as Usual: Are You Ready to Stand for Something?

speak up

Join our online discussion about the InsideOut radio show about why we don’t speak up and stand for something. We could see how early experiences have shaped our reactions as adults. The exploration is the purpose of this call and you are welcome to join the dialogue. Do you not stand up for yourself because you don’t treat yourself well and have no self-esteem? Do you avoid confrontation because you saw someone be rejected or hurt or condemned for being themselves when you were a child? Were you told you would go to hell for not believing what others want you to believe? Whatever your experience, someone will experienced the same thing. DO write on our blog and help us co-create the community we all want to be part of.

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