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Top Benefits of Online Faxing Over Traditional Faxing

Posted by rstapholz on
Top Benefits of Online Faxing Over Traditional Faxing

Even though faxing may seem outdated technology with the latest advancements in technology, many organizations including healthcare, legal, and government institutions still use faxing to share their documents with suppliers are clients.

In fact, these organizations expect to be able to conduct business with your company over fax. Hence, you need to maintain a fax facility without burdening yourself with the physical resources that traditional faxing consists of. That is where online, electronic, eFax, or virtual fax from ifaxapp comes in handy.

Virtual faxing is the modern solution to traditional faxing. It helps you to upload electronic documents to an online fax portal to securely send your document to the required fax number. On the other hand, your organization will receive incoming faxes as an electronic attachment to a selected email address. Here are 6 important benefits of switching to online faxing.

  1. Fewer Resources Required

You don’t need a physical fax machine and space to store it in your office with virtual faxing. There are no ink or paper purchases, equipment maintenance, or repair with online faxing. Since eFax uses the internet, you don’t need a dedicated line for faxing.

  1. Location Flexibility

Virtual faxing lets you receive faxes from anyone or anywhere in the world provided they have access to the internet. Incoming faxes will be sent straight to your email inbox. In fact, you will have immediate access to any important documents with such a facility whether you are out of the office, on a business trip, or working from home. The same is true when sending a fax. You will be simply uploading an electronic document to the online fax portal to send a fax to another organization.

  1. Convenience

No more waiting near the fax machine to receive or send a fax with online faxing. You can upload outgoing faxes and receive incoming faxes to your email inbox with the click of a mouse from your computer. Online faxing lets you send the same fax to multiple fax numbers at the same time. Also, you can have multiple people sending you incoming faxes to your inbox at the same time.

  1. Going Green

A traditional fax machine will print every fax whether it is important or not. It leads to a lot of waste in paper and ink over time. In the U.S. alone, fax machines consume more than 200 billion pages of paper each year. That is a lot of paper. When you rely on virtual faxing, you get the document to your email inbox. So you don’t need to print out the document unless you require a physical copy of the document for whatever reason.

  1. Greater Security

Online faxing is more secure than traditional faxing. In traditional faxing, even sensitive information is sent open through the fax machine. That is not the case with online faxing. In fact, you will receive encrypted files when someone sends you a fax, and only whoever has access to your email can access the document. You can protect sensitive information by restricting access to your inbox.

  1. Ease Of Recordkeeping

You can sort out files and documents electronically from your email with virtual faxing. You don’t need to store these faxes in a physical location like with traditional faxing. On the other hand, you can view a log of outgoing and incoming faxes on the online fax portal.

Share the Wealth By Ariel & Shya Kane

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7th Wave
Share the Wealth By Ariel & Shya Kane

March 1: Share the Wealth

You are incredibly wealthy. Ready to share? Join the Kanes on this expansive episode of Being Here and discover how a steady diet of sharing all those things you have to offer (your love, your insights, even tips on where to get a great cup of coffee) will pay dividends in your own life. Callers welcome at Tel# 1-866-472-5795!

Listen Live this Wednesday, March 1st at 9am PST / 12pm EST on the VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel

After this Wednesday, you can stream or download this episode and over 500 episodes on a wide variety of topics from our archives here. 

You can also listen to Being Here on the go! Stream or download new and archived episodes to your smart phone or mobile device with these applications:
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InsideOut Forum Discussion Call: The Corruption of Social Media and the Subversion of the Inner Revolution

Posted by Editor on
7th Wave
InsideOut Forum Discussion Call: The Corruption of Social Media and the Subversion of the Inner Revolution

corruption of social media

On the InsideOut Forum Discussion Call today we challenged ourselves and each other to look at how we and others have corrupted social media, how we have undermined the Inner Revolution by our self-centered or divisive, often erroneous, sharing. We could see how we have to change the way WE use social media, because THAT is the Inner Revolution, seeing what is wrong with the world and seeing what WE need to change to help that happen. Join us and our online community wherever you are!

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