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How to Promote Your Show on Social Media

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Many people wonder how they are going to start posting about their show, especially if they are new to social media. Marketing your show online can be intimidating when you are first getting started. But, after these ten tips, you will better understand how to promote your show on social media.

1. Figure out your target audience

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Who are you making your show for?
  • What type of person do you envision listening to your show?

Before posting on social media, you should be asking yourself these questions. If you already have a good idea of what you are going to talk about in your show, those concepts will help you target a specific audience online. Brainstorm what type of person would be interested in listening to your episodes. Based on your target audience, you will strategically pick which social media sites you will be using. Unless you have a social media team, we recommend you focus on one or two social media platforms.

2. Build your brand

If you are a business owner or have specific branding in mind for your show, there’s a good chance you already understand this tip to a T. As it pertains to social media, building your brand is essential.

Here’s a list of visual elements for your show brand:

  • Logo
  • Show name
  • Slogan
  • Colors
  • Fonts

The colors and fonts you choose for your radio show brand are what you should be using for the social media content you create. These elements play a huge part in remaining consistent and aesthetically pleasing online.

3. Time to create content

Unless you are a graphic designer, we suggest utilizing a third party platform such as Canva or Adobe Express to design content to share on social media. Refrain from frequently repeating images and ensure you are spreading out your favorite templates, so your followers don’t become disinterested with your content or think you are spamming their feed. When you upload photos to Canva or directly to social media, it’s crucial to verify they are high resolution.

Another tip is to post before and after a new episode, instead of promoting an episode once. Leading up to the episode, let everyone know what will be discussed on your show and after the episode is released, let people know how to find the episode (E.g. voiceamerica.com, Apple Podcasts, etc.).

If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, ask your audience what they would like to see from you. We recommend editing soundbites from your podcast or radio show and distributing them throughout your profile. Other engaging content includes posting quotes, videos, polls, fun facts, and much more.

4. Follow and engage with like-minded people

If you discover a profile on social media that expresses interest in similar topics, we recommend that you engage with them. Eventually, you will find a community of people who will become loyal to your podcast if you remain active on social media. Meeting like-minded people online is also a way to find future guests to feature on your show. To take it a step further, we suggest that you follow the people that are following similar accounts to yours. This is a way to gain attention from others online and grow your circle.

5. Hashtags and Tags

The purpose of hashtags is for people to easily find content that they are interested in. We suggest implementing three to five hashtags in your captions. For example, your show name can be used as one hashtag, and for the other keywords, describe what you are talking about in the episode. Utilizing trending hashtags will improve your SEO, which means your account will have a better chance of being seen when people are searching that phrase. 

Tagging your guests on social networks using the “@” symbol will help you and your guest’s profile gain exposure. A similar way to increase traffic to your page would be to take advantage of a new feature on Instagram. This new tool allows you to collaborate with other accounts, which means your post will show up on their feed as well as yours.

6. Storytelling

Telling stories in your captions grabs the attention of your audience. People are more likely to feel connected to your content if you are sharing anecdotes about yourself or your guest. Rather than solely marketing your show, you are opening the floor for discussion.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to inspire any stories you would like to share:

  • Why did you start a radio show or podcast?
  • Why do the topics you are discussing on your show resonate with you?

7. Call to Action

Another way to promote your show is by making your show page as accessible as possible. That means inserting your show page link in your caption and your profile bio. We recommend that you make the link clickable, so users can easily access your new episode or show page. Once the link is in your bio and caption, we suggest telling your followers “click the link in my bio” or “go to [insert URL] for more information.” After reading your post, users will be directed to listen to your content. We highly suggest creating Facebook and Instagram stories with your call to action, so your link will be more convenient and potentially reach more people.

8. Keep up with trends

Social media is ever-evolving, which means to continue promoting your show, you will need to keep up with the trends. Whether a new, more popular social media platform is created or there are updated tools within the social media networks you are using, try your best to stay on top of the trends.

Some of the latest trends on social media include the following:

  • Pinning a post that promotes your show to the top of your profile, so it is the first content someone will see on your page.
  • Collaborating with your guests on Instagram, so you can share content to both of your online audiences.
  • Posting episode clips on TikTok or Instagram Reels, so when the short-form video catches someone’s eye, they will feel more inclined to go to your show page.
  • Creating a Linktree with links to your episodes, so you can insert one master link in your bio and people are able to easily access your show.

9. Stream to Social Media

If you are a host at VoiceAmerica, there is a very good chance that you connect with the engineers via Zoom or another video communications provider. A great way to promote your show on social media is live-streaming to Facebook or other social media platforms while you are on air. Streaming attracts the attention of people who may be interested in your show and it is another way to get people to call into your show to ask questions.

10. Be Authentic

The closer you are to being your authentic self online, the more your personality will shine through and your listeners will get to know you. If people enjoy your personality and content on social media, they are more likely to take the extra step to check out your show. To stay in touch with your listeners, record videos of yourself sharing what projects you are working on or any recent updates you may have about your show.

It is essential to understand the role social media has in promoting your show. Your presence on social media will lead to more listeners and engagement on your show. Furthermore, if you aren’t already a host at VoiceAmerica, you can look into hosting a radio show by clicking here.

6 TikTok Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

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6 TikTok Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

There are many out there who don’t know TikTok well although it isn’t that complicated. Explaining TikTok is not that hard – it motivates users to get on the same page using hashtags and trends and provides instructions to create content. You are going to be rewarded for making it different.

This is different from Instagram because Instagram doesn’t reward users for copying and tweaking – you might end up getting shamed for doing this. TikTok embraces this.

When it comes to the algorithm, it is way easier to grow on TikTok compared to Instagram because TikTok has the “For You” page. This will serve content automatically and it is going to show content that it thinks you like, which means for small businesses, they have a chance because they don’t need to have a huge following before their content is seen by many people.

Below are some TikTok marketing tips for small businesses.

Creating your account 

The first step if you want to grow your business using TikTok is creating an account, which seems like an easy thing for most, but there are some who have a hard time doing it. Not everyone is a teen or young adult good with technology. 

Capturing video content 

You need to have video content you will share on TikTok. You don’t have to create expensive content, even a simple video of how you do business is enough. You can record as you package orders or even run errands. You need to record even the simple tasks because it is good content for your TikTok account.

Recording such things might seem mundane, but people love watching behind the scenes. People want to know more about how the business is run. You might not know what to do with the content, but it is going to come later on.

Curating a small business “for you” page 

Like content that you might want to attract on TikTok. The algorithm is going to look at the content you like, so you need to follow small businesses on TikTok and you are going to get on “Small Business TikTok”. You are going to attract the right audience based on who you follow and what you like. This is a good way of getting into small business TikTok.

When your ‘For You’ page has content from small businesses, it becomes easier to know what they are creating and can inspire you. You might find audio and trends that you can use to make your own TikToks.

Using hashtags and trending songs

When you are ready to create the first video, you need to make sure you are using hashtags and trending songs – you can find them on the discover page. When you use a trending song, you will get a bigger audience and also more followers. Buy TikTok likes to grow your audience further. Go through the discover page from time to time and see whether there is anything tending that you can use.

Before you understand TikTok, you should do a bit of research consuming TikTok. If you don’t know TikTok, the best solution is to get on it and you will get a hang of it in a short time. it is hard to explain everything to do with TikTok, but easy to learn as you go.

Make an effort of going on the explore page at least once a day, and then have a look at the newest one and see if it can work for you or your brand.

You should always be looking for something you can make your own. There are times when you come across content that is not going to apply to you or your business, which is okay. There are many trends at any time. going through your “For You” page is also going to help.

Editing your TikToks in Apps

You can choose to create your videos using editing apps like Prequel or Splice or TikTok. The editing apps will give you the chance of splicing multiple videos together and also adding filters. The prequel has become known for trendy video filters, like videotape nineties or two-tone color filters.

Splice is the same as TikTok in many aspects, but it gives you the option of splicing your videos together. The Splice app allows you to make a video even if it is just two seconds. It also has transitions and other features. This app can be likened to Adobe Premiere Rush.

Adding your hashtags

When you are don’t creating your content and want to upload them to TikTok, you need to use four to five hashtags. You shouldn’t use more than this because it overwhelms the algorithm and it won’t know where to place your content. You have a better chance of appearing on ‘For You’ pages if you use the right number of tags. TikTok sometimes doesn’t go viral immediately. 

You don’t have to delete a TikTok, you can put it on private so it doesn’t show, then you can choose to make it visible later and see if it does better.

There are times when content goes viral within hours, but there are times when it goes viral months after posting. Just trust that people are going to see your content eventually. The above tips will go a long way in helping you with your TikTok efforts. You are going to learn more as you use the platform.

7 Ways to Grow Your Brand On Instagram

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7 Ways to Grow Your Brand On Instagram

Are you looking to make the most of Instagram and want to use it to grow your business? Here are some clear tips you can engage with to do just that.

1.  Finding the right time to post

The time you decide to post your content is going to have a big impact on how it performs. The decision of when to post becomes overwhelming for most because there are 24 hours in a day and seven days a week, which means they have a lot to choose from. If you want to avoid going through all that, it is a good idea to do a simple online search because it is going to help you in figuring out your content schedule.

Many social media management tools and social media blogs have already done the research and determined the best time to post on Instagram. This allows you to start posting on Instagram feeling confident without spending a lot of time and resources researching on your own. You shouldn’t depend on what they have recommended; it is a good idea to put in a little time because the audience is different. There are times when the time is opposite because of the nature of the audience. The data should become the foundation of the schedule, then you adjust the times you post then see which times work the best. Fine-tune your schedule until you end up with something that works well.

When you are starting out you can buy Instagram followers, be sure to take this into account with your analytics. Buying Instagram followers can be a great way to give your brand that initial push and really kick things off. Trusted sellers such as Social Plus are a great place to start.

2.  Being smart with hashtags

Hashtags are great when you want to reach new audiences on Instagram. But it is not enough to just choose random and popular hashtags. The hashtags are going to do so much; the good thing is there is a type of hashtag that is going to help you grow your followers on Instagram.

This type of hashtags is known as “niche hashtag”. This is a hashtag that focuses on a specific interest. A photographer in Los Angeles can use the hashtag #losangelesphotographer in addition to the popular #photographer (this has been used on more than 168 million posts). When you put niche hashtags on your posts, you are going to gain followers who are interested in your content and also increase awareness of your brand.

3.  Going beyond the typical post

Don’t limit yourself to photos, there are a lot of features on Instagram that will help you create a great experience for your audience. When you use features like IGTV and video, your followers are going to have more ways of interacting with your brand.

IGTV is great for trying out long-form content on Instagram and you will know how your audience prefers engaging with your brand. Don’t feel like you have to start by posting seven-minute-long videos. Start by posting a video a week, then seeing how followers interact with the video compared to your normal posts. The findings from this will help you update your strategy and make sure you are up to date.

4.  Make use of geotagging

Location is one of the most important things when it comes to real estate, but it is also important for your Instagram strategy. The geotagging feature is good because it allows users to store content at a specific location and tags. The coordinates are going to be linked with your content. This is going to make the posts more visible to users searching in that given location.

Geotagging features can be used beyond the standard posts. You are also given the option of geotagging through Stories or Stickers. Are you curious about where the brand is talked about the most? The Instagram explore feature to search your brand name or physical storefront if you have one. Go to the “place” option. Through this, you get to know more about the followers talking about you are from. You will know the reach of your brand geographically.

5.  Upgrading your photos

Instagram is mainly driven by visual appeal, which makes it important to ensure your photos are high quality especially when you are competing with other brands. You don’t have to have a professional camera to produce quality photos, your smartphone is good enough. Your phone can produce quality photos, provided you use it correctly. Most people on Instagram use their phones to take photos and videos, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to do it.

There are some tips you can find online that can help you improve the quality of your photos. The camera on the back is a good place to start because it is easier to steady your camera and the quality is also better. Lighting is also important, make sure it is not too bright or too dark. It is best to use natural lighting because it isn’t too overpowering.

Play with different angles to make the photos eye-catching to users as they scroll, and also balance your photos using gridlines. Don’t over-edit your photos before you post because people can easily tell that the photo isn’t real. You don’t need to do a lot of editing when it is a good photo.

6.  Partnering with other brands

It might seem counter-intuitive to work with those you consider your competition, but working with others can help you gain access to a different audience. When you partner with a brand on Instagram, you are introduced to a new audience through their followers, which is going to grow your reach.

If you have never partnered with another brand or are new to Instagram, don’t worry. It is not hard to reach out, and it is going to be the most important step. Start by identifying brands that your audience is most likely interested in. Make sure you double-check their brand value so you can be sure that their values align with yours. When you do this, you prevent issues coming up later that could harm the partnership.

Once you find a brand you think is a good fit, reach out to them and find out whether they might be interested in partnering. If you partner with another brand, take advantage of the new exposure by creating content that is going to showcase both of your brands. You can create a hashtag specific to the partnership, or a giveaway to get the interest of the followers. The goal of such a partnership is to promote both brands, which results in new followers that could be converted to customers.

7.  Gathering feedback using Stories

Most people love feeling the brand cares about their opinion, and this same can be said about Instagram users. Instagram has made it easier for users to easily get feedback, and one of the tools is Stories. Polls are great when gauging interest or the question sticker when you want suggestions from your audience. You get to learn more about your audience. The engagement is going to improve when you give your audience the content they asked for.

When you get feedback from your audience, use it to improve your Instagram content and engagement. This will help you gain more followers on your account. Consistently ask for feedback. Instagram changes fast, and it is important to stay relevant by asking for feedback from your audience.

Top Tips For Using Instagram For Business Success

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Top Tips For Using Instagram For Business Success

Instagram is one of the most powerful and underutilized marketing tools available in the marketplace. It happens to be one of the most popular social media platforms that’s out there. Because of this, it should hold a prominent place in your comprehensive marketing strategy. However, despite it being extremely user-friendly and innovative, there are certain things that you will need to know to get the best results from it. Here are some of the tips you should be using.

Post Regular Content

You will find that people begin to follow your account when they enjoy your content. Because of this, you want to post it more often. When you stop posting content, they are likely to un-follow you. After all, they are following you for the content you publish. Thus, you want to try to streamline content in a way that meets their expectations. Try to produce sufficient amounts of quality content to keep them entertained and engaged.

As someone who is an expert in your relative field, you should be able to craft quality content by leveraging your experience. However, you also want to ensure that you are making everything count. Instead of constantly posting captivating content or your best quality content, you can mix in photos of quotes, and other things. That way, you don’t find yourself running out of content and the content you do publish can hit harder. While you don’t necessarily need to post every day, you do want to try to post a minimum of every 4 days to ensure you are regularly engaging with your audience. You can buy Instagram followers to really help pump things up.

Posting any less than this is likely going to result in you losing followers. Keep in mind, you don’t want to post sporadically. People like to know they can count on you posting content regularly and on schedule.

Don’t Stick To The Same Content

You will find the Instagram platform is full of beautiful imagery. Because of this, you can try to get creative with your content. Ideally, you want someone that has a good camera eye. That way, they can examine it to ensure that it is of the best quality before publishing.

While you should be able to effectively reuse content if you are spacing it right, you don’t want to post the same thing over and over. However, you could potentially make subtle changes that will enable you to use the same subject in various contexts for the same result. You can alter things by posting a quote one day and then posting a video the next.

Your followers are looking for something with your content. They are either following you for interesting topics, entertainment, or educational content. Try to post a variety of different types of content to maximize creativity. However, Hootsuite suggests you don’t forget that you are posting on a business account. Therefore, you shouldn’t be using the platform to engage in topics of opinion. Keep everything related to your business or the industry you are operating in.

Reward Your Loyal Followers

It can be extremely difficult to keep your audience engaged in your content. Along with focusing on posting high-quality content, you should be looking to find ways to incentivize anyone that is following you. You can do this by offering special Instagram-only deals, promotional codes, or even competitions to keep them regularly tuned in and engaged with your account. This can help to ensure that you get regular eyes on your account and it will give everyone that follows your account good reason to consider sticking around. However, don’t turn your entire account into a freebie giveaway account. This will only draw those seeking freebies to your account. Instead, use this periodically for the best results.

Include The Right Hashtags On Every Post

You want to try to be certain that you are using the right hashtags on every post. Much like Twitter, Instagram uses hashtags to categorize the content. That way, people can find things and topics they are interested in. This can make your content much easier to find for others. For instance, if you are looking to showcase your cooking experience, you might want to include hashtags for your #bestrecipes according to Web Design Meath.

If you aren’t using the right hashtags or if you aren’t using hashtags at all, you will make it increasingly difficult for people to find your content. You want to ensure that you are using hyper-relevant hashtags, as well.

Be Extremely Social

Social media has its name for a reason. Being social is one of the most important parts of the process. You want to do more than regularly post content without following up. You need to be engaging with your audience and interacting with them routinely to grow.

You should be commenting, liking, and interacting with every visitor that finds your account. You could potentially hire a company to assist in integrating your social media accounts to ensure you can manage the accounts as efficiently as possible. You also want to be directing traffic from your social media to your website and vice versa.

Monitoring Social Media for Situational Awareness

Posted by presspass on
Monitoring Social Media for Situational Awareness

Social Media can help us in many ways but it can also cause us harm if we don’t pay close attention to what information is being presented by the various social media platforms. This week, we talk with Lt. Glen Mills who is a specialist in monitoring social media for situational awareness and is a Lieutenant with the Burlington, Massachusetts police department. Drawing upon extensive experience and using some real-life examples, Lt. Mills gives us tips and insights into how we can better prepare ourselves for the deluge of information conveyed through various social media sites and identifying what information is real and what may not. These tips will help all organizations, communities and individuals better prepare for – and respond to – potential situations that can cause us harm and prevent us from being taken in by those who would do us harm.


How to Use Social Media to Advance Your Career By Marie Zimenoff

Posted by Editor on
How to Use Social Media to Advance Your Career By Marie Zimenoff

Social media and building your online brand are hot topics in the media today. The debate ranges from those contending you must be on social media – commenting, posting, and being visible – to succeed in your career, to others saying social media will ruin your career. In this episode of The Career Confidante, host Marie Zimenoff will bring sanity to the madness with practical points to consider what (if any) social media activity is right for your career and how you can use it as a career management or career advancement tool. We’ll talk about social media hiring trends, how to use the top career-related social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram), and the truth about personal branding. If you are feeling overwhelmed, lost, or ready for a real strategy, tune in!

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How to Start Your Executive Job Search By Marie Zimenoff

Posted by Editor on
How to Start Your Executive Job Search By Marie Zimenoff

When contemplating a new career opportunity, many job seekers begin by dusting off their resume and bringing the experience section up to date. Traditionally that was the right move. However, today you already have a virtual resume – everything accessible and available to the public online. Your internet footprint describes you to potential employers, networking connections, and interviewing teams without your permission. On this episode of the Career Confidante, Executive Talent Agent Debra Feldman joins host Marie Zimenoff to share how you can control your online presence – including your social media accounts and what others are saying about you – as you look toward your next promotion or prepare for job search. Listen in for practical actions to enhance the virtual you!

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Jody Padar Named Top LinkedIn Voice in Finance for Second Consecutive Year. By Liz Gold

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Jody Padar Named Top LinkedIn Voice in Finance for Second Consecutive Year. By Liz Gold

For the second year in a row, Jody Padar, CPA, MST, has been named to LinkedIn’s Top Voices list in Finance & Economy. This is LinkedIn’s second annual list and Padar was also honored on the social media company’s inaugural list last year.
“I’m thrilled,” said Padar. “I’ve been challenging the accounting profession and its traditional model since I started blogging seven years ago. For me, it was about hashing things out via writing as I recreated my firm to reflect emerging technologies. I believe I connect with people because I’m real; I tend to address the pink elephant in the room and I believe in total transparency when it comes to my customers and my business. And I like to tell stories about my experience. Writing is a great way for me to do that. I think that resonates.”
LinkedIn Top Voices is the company’s ranked list of the top 10 writers in 10 different areas – Influencer; Education; Finance & Economy; Healthcare; Management & Culture; Marketing & Social Media; Media; Student; Technology; VC & Entrepreneurship. LinkedIn now has more than three million unique writers on the publishing platform creating 160,000 articles per week.

“To compile the list, we use a combination of data and editorial signals designed to capture the voices making a mark in their industries,” said Daniel Roth, executive editor at LinkedIn in a statement. “Some of the inputs include engagement (particularly the comments and shares of each post); growth of followers tied to publishing activity; and number of times the writer had been featured in a channel in his or her area of expertise.”
According to Roth, the list reflects publishing activity over a 12-month period, from October 2015 to October 2016. Each of the top writers on average generated over 54,000 new follows this year – almost 150 new followers a day. Padar has nearly 93,000 followers on LinkedIn. Her writing process was featured in this recent LinkedIn article.
Padar is one of the accounting profession’s foremost visionaries and pioneers. As a practitioner, she is CEO and Principal of the New Vision CPA Group, a public accounting firm based in the Chicago area. She is the co-host of “Let’s Get Radical,” a radio show hosted on the Business Channel of VoiceAmerica, interviewing small business owners and entrepreneurs. Padar is the author of The Radical CPA: New Rules for the Future-Ready Firm, and is a regular contributor to Accounting Today and CPA Trendlines, where she offers practical tips and advice on running a next-generation firm. She has been featured in Forbes, Inc. International Business Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, USA Today, Business News Daily, and Entrepreneur.
As an author, lecturer, coach, consultant, and mentor, she advocates for progress and innovation in the accounting profession, heralding a new way of thinking about the practice of accountancy and giving it new purpose. Padar has been named by Accounting Today as “the Top 100 Most Influential to the Profession” for the last six years.
Padar earned her BBA from Saint Mary’s College and MST from Northern Illinois University. Padar is also an adjunct professor at Oakton Community College and a contributing member of the Intuit Trainer Writer Network.
Follow her on Twitter; Linkedin; and Facebook. Learn more about The Radical CPA at www.theradicalcpa.com

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