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Is Humanity Worth Saving? Are We a Blessing or a Curse?

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Is Humanity Worth Saving? Are We a Blessing or a Curse?

Rusty wheelbarrow at low tide

On today’s InsideOut Forum Discussion Call we explored this provocative issue about whether humanity is worth saving. What do you believe? Are you of the mind that we should “Save the planet! Kill yourself!” or do you believe that God made us as a blessing and we deserve another chance? Let us know on our blog at http://bethgreen.org/insideout-forum-discussion-call-humanity-worth-saving-blessing-curse/


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Middle Living-The Only Way to Live

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Middle Living-The Only Way to Live


Creating value, now that is something we as Americans know a thing or two about!

Say what you want about financial markets and creative manipulation of dollars and equity, or the collective elitism of certain areas of our country in regard to technology (see Silicon Valley), we Americans are really good at creating value. Keep this in mind moving forward, especially anyone who is thinking about a career change (can you hear me boomers?) young and old alike we have tremendous upside. And I mean in a really huge, positive way!

Let me tell you how much I love Time magazine, from the science tips to the feature articles, the political takes, health and science to the satire, Time rocks! From Rana Foroohar, “Frenemies: A Trade Story”, Fareed Zakaria, “The Saudis Are Upset? Tough!” to the hilarity of Joel Stein, they all just get it completely done. However my newest favorite, this week anyway, is hands down Times Asian correspondent Michael Schuman and his article, “China Makes Everything. Why Can’t it Create Anything?”

I would like to say “way to go Mike!”

I have been sharing my views on baby boomers and the need to ‘transition’ into their collective 2nd or 3rd or maybe 4th career for almost three years now on my radio talk show “Boomers Rock”. Quality of life boomer style is all about staying integrated and engaged, employed and connected, mentoring and giving back, it is a mindset that lends itself to helping our collective society, young and old, build and rebuild. This is what we as Americans are really good at, teamwork!


As my new favorite Mike writes about the economy, “the U.S. growing at a sluggish 2.5% and Europe doing even worse, all eyes are on China as the worlds growth engine”, the coffee is brewing and I can hear that knocking of opportunity, boomers listen up. China has its issues, and the global economy is still pretty flat, but this newest of terms, ‘reshoring’ is growing, and it is this plus other positives that make me excited.

“Reshoring is the practice of bringing outsourced personnel and services back to the location from which they were originally offshored.”

I like to think of this period in time as the ‘game on’ phase of economic growth, the opportunity for mentoring and giving back, which leads to improving our knowledge base is a massive occasion in the 21st century. As Mike wrote in the above mentioned Time article, “a recent KPMG (one of the largest professional services companies in the world) report, 37% of the technology executives surveyed believed that the U.S. holds the most promise for producing disruptive technologies over the next four years”.

Americans create and think critically, that is what it takes to drive innovation!


I like to say through adversity grows opportunity, in the flattened globe bringing home jobs is such an upbeat movement that wasting this chance to set up our society for say the next fifty years appears to be within our reach. The re-tipping point, the point where the pendulum has swung back and forth twice is now upon us, and it is time to get excited and get involved in the solution. Baby Boomers now is not the time to think the dreaded R word (retirement), it is as I say on the talk show “walk into the ReFirement zone”. Time to pick up our game!

Skills that demand education, culture change that demands teamwork, disruptive technologies that demand critical thinking and the cojones to make it happen, now driving the engine of opportunity is clearly here. The Chinese are good at copying, their students are good at test taking, and their population numbers are massive, but the cheap labor days in China are over, and they are afraid of failure, it’s in their DNA not to rock the boat. Frankly if you cannot dream the big vision, see the next great innovation, or invent the next technology then you can never lead.

We are leaders, and we need to step up our game because the entire world needs us to continue to be disruptive and find alternative ways to accomplish the impossible.


Tom Matt is the host of the daily radio talk show “Boomers Rock”, heard on WGHN 1370 AM Saturday mornings at 9:00 in Grand Haven, Michigan. And syndicated on the Internet here at VoiceAmerica, and heard on the Spartan Sports network SSN/247.

This is where he brings experts in to discuss all issues that enhance our quality of life. He welcomes comments and feedback, on his site Boomers Rock , please join our family and change the world!


Yes, You Are Creative By Paula Joyce

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Yes, You Are Creative By Paula Joyce

creativeThere is a creative intelligence within you that has been imprisoned since childhood, sentenced to a maximum security prison for the crime of self-expression. It’s desperate to break out from behind the four electronic doors that keep it hidden from you and the world.

The lock down began in your family when you first heard messages like: color within the lines; grass isn’t orange; people don’t have blue faces. Then there was the hysteria that ensued when you thought the living room wall would make a great canvas. Or maybe your sibling or parent was the real artist. You were supposed to hide your talent so they could shine.

The second door was locked by your teachers. In the process of helping you become a real artist, they taught you that you were no good. There was a right way to do it, and if you couldn’t or wouldn’t do it that way, you were no good. The so-called “best” pictures were put on display and held up as examples for everyone to honor. The rest of the students were the “have not’s.” They were made to feel bad about their work through benign neglect or direct criticism.

Our society shut the third door. It tells us what good art, music, writing, acting, or dancing is. There’s legitimate theater, experimental dance, fine arts versus arts and crafts. Then we have the critics who make sure we don’t color out of the lines or dance in the aisles.

Finally, we locked the last door on ourselves. Creating became a high risk venture. Fear of criticism coupled with self-doubt separated us from our own creativity. It was much safer to be the audience than the creator. Now we love going to concerts, seeing plays, attending art openings. We try desperately to feed the artist within ourselves through viewing and critiquing someone else’s art, all the while knowing that we are hiding. Like Rip Van Winkle, everyone thinks your artist is dead. In fact, it’s pacing incessantly inside a tiny cell, waiting desperately for an opportunity to escape.

Today is that day. The guards are so sure you’ll never have the courage to escape that they’re all playing cards in the coffee break room. Their music and chatter are so loud that they’ll never hear the electronic doors or your footsteps. Your job is easy. You just have to push the button to open each door and walk out into the freedom of self-expression and artistic creativity.

What has this article motivated you do? I’d love to hear from you about the steps that you are taking or questions about how to take that first or next step.

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