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Handling Communications During a Crisis w/ Sheena Thomson

Posted by Alex Fullick on
Handling Communications During a Crisis w/ Sheena Thomson

Join me Thursday, April 13/23 ay 1pm EST! I’m joined by internationally recognized risk and crisis communications professional, Sheena Thomson. Handling communications during a crisis can be a challenge for most organizations.

During our talk we touch on:

1. Identifying and defining a stakeholder,

2. Stakeholder management,

3. Preparing communications,

4. Using legal in communication,

5. Winning (or loosing) the social media war,

6. The spokesperson,

7. Do’s and don’ts of communications,

8. Messaging (and staying on that message), and

9. Crisis communication tips.

Sheena provides some great insights on how to develop, implement, and manage a successful crisis communications strategy – prior to a crisis and during a crisis. Don’t miss what Sheena has to share. Enjoy!


Friend or Foe: Media Engagement in a Crisis (w/ Mark Harris)

Posted by presspass on
Friend or Foe: Media Engagement in a Crisis (w/ Mark Harris)

Join me Thursday, April 6/23 at 1pm EST on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel!

During a crisis the media can be your friend or foe, and it comes down to your own actions that will determine which part media will play. I’m joined by established crisis management and crisis communications subject matter expert, Mark Harris.

During Mark’s talk, we touch on:

1. Defining media (it’s more than it used to be…),

2. The spokesperson (who’s good, bad, and who should be waiting in the wings),

3. Training,

4. Messaging,

5. How to get the media on your side,

6. How not to communicate with media,

7. Building a relationship with media,

8. Some key tips on dealing with the media…and much more.

Mark gives some great insights on how to deal with the media to keep them on your side during times of crisis, when you need all the friends you can get during those challenging moments. Don’t miss the great information Mark shares. Enjoy!


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