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Latest Trends in Supplements

Posted by Beth Shaw on
Health & Wellness
Latest Trends in Supplements

 Plant medicine has been utilized worldwide for thousands of years. Plants have essential nutrients that you cannot get from other foods. The vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants in plants help keep your cells healthy and your body in balance so that your immune system can function at its best. Unlike industrial medicine, plant medicine is a more healthy and natural way of preventing and fighting off diseases.

With grocery stores overflowing with GMOs and produce lacking in nutrition, maintaining a healthy lifestyle through diet alone seems almost impossible. Due to the increase in malnutrition nationwide, dietary supplements and plant medicine are more popular than ever. But with so many different brands and trends, it can be difficult to decipher what’s right for you. Instead of undergoing your own trial and error process, let the experts lead the way!

In the new hit podcast Make America Healthy, featured on VoiceAmerica, Beth Shaw and her special guest discuss the top health hacks and dietary supplements trending around the world today. In her episode titled The Latest Trends In Supplements, Beth welcomes Julian Mitchell, Co-Founder of Life Cykel, and Catharine Arnston, Founder of EnergyBits, as they talk about their new plant-based supplements, vitamins, and more! 

As the founder and CEO of YogaFit WorldWide, the world’s largest yoga training school, Beth Shaw, is dedicated to creating a healthier world for generations to come. Always looking for new dietary supplements to incorporate into her health routines, Beth was excited to hear about all the amazing health benefits included in algae and decided to try EnergyBits’ supplements for herself. After taking their VitalityBits for just one week, Beth was delighted to notice the increase in energy and overall vitality for life that she gained. Using the perfect combination of two different types of algae, spirulina and chlorella, VitalityBits offers vast amounts of nutrition, beauty, and energy benefits that you are unlikely to receive from a traditional diet. Being that algae is the most alkaline, chlorophyll, and protein rich food in the world; adding it to your daily supplement routine is an easy and effective way of helping you reach your health goals. 

A huge fan of plant medicine and the healing powers of mushrooms, Beth Shaw was excited to hear from Julian Mitchell on the benefits of Life Cykel’s supplements. One of their most popular dietary supplements, Lion’s Mane Liquid Extract, provides consumers with a cognitive upgrade in the areas of focus, memory, articulation, mental clarity, and creativity. While you can enjoy lion’s mane mushrooms eaten raw, dried, cooked, or steeped for tea; Life Cykel’s liquid extract maximizes the health benefits of these mushrooms and is as simple as taking a few drops under your tongue or drinking it in water.

If you are looking for easier ways to incorporate plant medicine into your diet routine, tune into Make America Healthy on Voice America live every Wednesday at 5 pm Easter time. Beth Shaw has made it her life mission to bring health to the masses. Join Beth and her expert trainers at YogaFit.com and sign up for your first yoga training course where you will receive 15% off your first training session using the code VOICE22 at checkout.

New Decade: New You

Posted by presspass on
New Decade: New You

The Eldercare Advocate

How many of us think about devising a strategy to maintain or improve our health and wellness as we age? We may discuss or develop strategies to secure our financial future, we seek out medical plans to serve us in the event of failing health, but we rarely develop a health and wellness strategy, a true plan, to give us the best shot to live as healthy as we can for as long as we can. This is not usually included in any conversation on aging. A plan for your health and wellness journey encompasses more than food choices and exercise. Many people are unaware of the impact that getting sufficient sleep and drinking water has on health and wellness. But a complete strategies for wellness also encompasses mindfulness, a strong mind body connection and positivity.

Though food choices are important considerations, it is beneficial to look at them through the lens of nutrition management. Nutrition management is more than thinking about food choices and diet…it’s developing a strategy for selecting the appropriate foods for your body and lifestyle. The body is like the recipe for a favorite food. Specific ingredients are required proportioned in their relationship to one another in order to produce a well-rounded, fine tasting finished dish. If the proportions are incorrect, an ingredient is mistakenly omitted or added, the end product will not be as expected. So it is with our bodies. Food is our fuel and good nutrition is the key to managing our bodies for optimal functioning. Intelligent nutrition management includes diet types and food recommendations for specific conditions the general impact of various foods on body function. For example, avoiding foods that impact inflammation in the body is important for maintaining good digestive and intestinal health. There are specific foods that boost brain health and decrease your risk of memory loss. One website that offers this information is: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/11-brain-foods

Vitamin levels may be impacted by season as well as cultural and religious customs. For example, sunshine is an important source of Vitamin D. Colder seasons and climates where there is less exposure to sunlight may affect the body’s Vitamin D levels. This would also hold true for people in nursing home or assisted living facilities who are rarely out of doors as well as older people unable to venture outdoors. Recently, it was pointed out to me that cultural practices of covering the body from head to toe may also impact Vitamin D levels.

Finally, it is vitally important that you understand your body type and lifestyle,  your body’s personal needs, and the interaction of foods with supplements and medications when making food choices. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics https://www.eatright.org and https://www.diets4me.com are two resources for finding out science-based food and nutrition information.

Is there a particular formula or ingredients for achieving optimal health and well-being? Is it ever too late to begin that journey?

There is available research and many websites that provide the framework and strategies that you can be apply whenever you decide to begin that journey. What better time than a new decade? https://www.healthprep.com/body_reboot.




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