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Taking Charge of Your Thoughts

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7th Wave
Taking Charge of Your Thoughts


My silver lining story this week is about my own journey through releasing negative thoughts and memories. The other night I was doing a 10 minute gratitude meditation, focusing on all of the things in my life that I am grateful for. Suddenly I was interrupted with a visual image of a character in a movie who was emotionally abusive. The image was so strong and persistent that I couldn’t focus on what I wanted to, which was the things that I am grateful for. I realized that this character represented my ex, who had been emotionally abusive to me. What I know now is that abusers drain your energy and your time, making it difficult, if not impossible, for you to accomplish your own goals. I was not going to let this image or any abuser destroy my meditation. So I used the techniques that I’ve shared with you to get rid of this destructive image. I threw the image into a purple flame. It was persistent. So I upped my game. I used the chant we do at the beginning of the show 3 times, om a ha a om am am. Finally, I said thank you several times until the image finally disappeared and I could think about gratitude. I was determined not to let an abuser destroy any more of my energy or my joy in life. I am stronger than any negative thought or memory, and the past will no longer hold power over me.

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