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Mastery: The Path to Make Your Mark! By Cheryl Esposito

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Mastery: The Path to Make Your Mark! By Cheryl Esposito

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Colin Sprake, Marketing Expert, Business Strategist, and President & CEO of Make Your Mark Training & Consulting.  Known as the “Business Sherpa,” Colin has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders to achieve massive success in their businesses. This is his heart work.  
Colin wants you to work your passion, have a purpose, and realize that to monetize it as a business, you need more than passion. He knows this from experience – Colin has built four multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up.
Colin’s childhood would not have predicted that he would achieve his level of success today. Severely bullied in school, a volatile family life, & years of negativity, hurt & fear, led to attempted suicide as a young teenager. He searched for happiness, and learned about the power of the mind to change negative self-judgments. That changed everything.
Extraordinary business success requires mastery: skills and a system to grow the business, along with mastering your mindset – deep self-awareness to move past your own limiting beliefs.  Are you ready? Join Cheryl Esposito & Colin Sprake to master the way to make your mark!

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Want To Be A Team? Change Your Point of View. by Cheryl Esposito

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Cheryl Esposito welcomes Freeman Michaels & Susan Leahy, co-founders of Group to Team Leadership Solutions. How many times have you worked on a team, only to discover that no one was really interested in being a team? Freeman Michaels & Susan Leahy say the concept of team is widely misunderstood. There is a difference between acting as a group of individuals motivated by separate self-interest, versus operating as a team fueled by shared vision and mutual interest. 

Friday May 20, 2016 10:00 am Pacific Time

Here’s the linchpin: successful teams begin with each individual. Everything you do, say or think is either propelling the organization further into “group” or generating more team.  Freeman and Susan have created a way to determine whether your choices, attitudes & behavior are viewed through the lens of group or the lens of team. Ready to explore this new vision of team?
Join Cheryl Esposito with Freeman Michaels & Susan Leahy exploring their powerful “Group to Team” model of success!

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