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Marti_0974retouch Princess Fumi

This week on ‘Today’s Inspiring Women‘ we have two women who will share how to be resilient. To be resilient you need to be strong and flexible with the ability to recover. Our first guest is Marti MacGibbon whose life story is like a Hollywood thriller,  and comedy all rolled into one. She has bounced back from being trafficked to Tokyo and held by Japanese crime figures. She escaped but it left her traumatized, homeless and on drugs. Today Marti shares her sure fire tips on how to overcome adversity and change your life.  Our second guest is Dr Princess Fumi Hancock who is an African Princess. Princess Fumi was being groomed to carry on the royal tradition however she had other dreams of being a book author and movie screenwriter. She has won an Oscar and written over 11 books, 4 have become best sellers. Princess Fumi will share how to find and ignite your inner genius. She will also be sharing how to fight the inner demons of doubt and negative thought. Two great women- a powerful show not to miss.

Heather’s Honeymoon, Pet Travel, Holiday Safety, Bees in Trouble

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Heather’s Honeymoon, Pet Travel, Holiday Safety, Bees in Trouble

        Welcome to Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!® with your hosts Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany on the Voice America Empowerment Channel.  Our goal is to seed, stimulate, and support space for positive, meaningful conversations that will get you talking around the dinner table.

Health Matters host, Heather Brittany, has returned from her honeymoon to Tokyo and her stay on a remote island in Thailand.  We’ll learn about the travel, culture, food, adventures, $7 massages, and of course, her love of elephants!

honeymoonHeather & Brian riding Elephant in Thailand - 2 - Version 2

It’s the time of year when we start making arrangements to travel with our pets. If you will be visiting friends and relatives by car, Cynthia Brian has travel tips to keep your beloved canine happy and safe.

Cynthia also discusses safety during the holidays as well as four wonderful exotic fruits that are perfect for the season’s festivities. Learn more about persimmon, pomegranates, quince, and chestnut. Consider decking out your halls with a live tree and Happy Holidays.

xmas tree

Colony collapse syndrome has crippled honeybees on a worldwide scale since 2006. Thirty to ninety percent of hives have suddenly died as worker bees disappeared. Without bees, crops will perish. How does the crisis of the bee affect us? Goddess Gardener Cynthia Brian investigates what is killing our bees.

Listen to the program at the Voice America Network also Listen at Starstyle® Be the Star You Are!® Radio

Buy books by Cynthia Brian, The award winning positive talk radio program, StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!® broadcasts on the Voice America Empowerment Channel LIVE every Wednesday from 4-5pm Pt/7-8pm ET.  Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany are the Mother/Daughter dynamic duo who have been co-hosting this program live weekly since 1998 bringing upbeat, life enhancing conversation to the world. With Cynthia’s expertise in interviewing the trailblazers, authors, and experts and Heather’s healthy living segments, these Goddess Gals are your personal growth coaches helping you to jumpstart your life while igniting your flame of greatness.

Brought to the airwaves under the auspices of the literacy and positive media charity, Be the Star You Are!® each program will pump your energy to help you live, love, laugh, learn, and lead.

Previous guests and fans of the program on World Talk Radio which will always be able to access the archives. Also Tune in the Power Hour every Wednesday from 4-5pm PT/70-8pmET at and join our empowerment party.  For photos, descriptions, links, archives and more, click here.

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