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Does Improving Your Relationship Really Mean Changing Your Partner? By Dr. Suzanne B. Phillips

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Does Improving Your Relationship Really Mean Changing Your Partner? By Dr. Suzanne B. Phillips

When people want to improve their relationship, their first focus is often the changes their partner needs to make.  This blog explores the interesting ways partners see things differently.  Strategies are offered that invite ownership of the wish to change and ways in which changing self often impacts the partner and improves the relationship. Ownership of change can equate to improvement.

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Bringing Children Back Into Your Life

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Bringing Children Back Into Your Life


If you are looking for a new campaign to join than this week’s show has plenty of fuel for the soul.
Broadcast Saturday December 20th, on WGHN 1370 AM, Grand Haven, mornings 9-10, airing throughout the western shore cities of Lake Michigan, inspiration and education begin here.
David Hornack loves people, and especially children. We love David because he really cares about our overall health of society and multi-generational relationships. Together we have created the concept of “Boomers Rock Unified.”

Our Grand Haven ‘Boomers Rock Local’ guest is a giver with a bottomless well of love for care givers Petra Forbes. You know her from the ‘Caregiver Resource Center’ she created.
David Hornack, a 2013 Governors fitness award winner and principle of Horizon Elementary in Holt, Michigan is a unifying force of positive energy; you just cannot get enough of his enthusiasm and true grit love for his community and kids. Listen to our plan to bring a new concept to life, and build multi-generational goodwill and health.


This is a can’t miss project and we need your help, plus it can help you as our ‘Middle-Living’ brothers and sisters move forward.
Petra Forbes found her passion for caregiving when she began her career at Mercy Health in 2001; it shows in her energy and passion.
Key Words and phrases to listen for-

• Staying generationally connected
• Youth and enrichment of the aging process
• Volunteering and supporting your community
• Advanced learning
• The wellness of giving and sharing knowledge
• Reading to youth
• Mentorship
• Social cues
• Exercise and maintaining your health
• Resources in Grand Haven, Michigan


Focus on Women Entreprenours

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Focus on Women Entreprenours


Tom Matt is the host of the weekly talk show “Boomers Rock”, heard on WGHN 1370 AM Saturday mornings at 9:00 in Grand Haven, Michigan, and syndicated on the Internet here at VoiceAmerica. His show is also heard on the Spartan Sports network SSN/247. This is where he brings experts in to discuss all issues that enhance our quality of life.

Tom Matt’s “Boomers Rock” Radio Talk Show’ is also heard every Monday at 6:00pm EST on the Variety channel right here on VoiceAmerica. Please like our Facebook fan page, ‘Boomers Rock’, or follow us on Twitter, ‘Boomers_Rock’ and post any questions comments reactions and suggestions to help us deliver the best content to all ‘MiddleLiving’ adults. You can email Tom- tom@boomersrock.us as well as join the family and collective at Boomers Rock.

Grand Haven, Michigan is a great place to visit, raise a family, vacation, and call home. It is also an outstanding location to start a business and that is this weeks story and radio talk show.

Get ready to feel the love!


This weeks episode brings together a very special ensemble, illustrating giving back to the community with the ‘Culvers Restaurant’ Franchisee in Grand Haven, Angela Taylor. As community leader and business owner Angela epitomizes our ‘Superior-Seniors’ in her hiring practices.

Angela Taylor is a great example of the transitional entrepreneur. She and her husband Greg have five children and four grandchildren, who decided in 2006 to reset the landscape of Grand Haven, Michigan and build from scratch one of the most successful Culvers franchises in the Midwest.


It is an amazing story!

Angela embraces hiring ‘Superior-Seniors’ and is a community ambassador supporting many causes and the needs of West Michigan’s Tri-Cities.

Culvers has a culture of hiring older adults, ‘Superior-Seniors’ as I refer to them, a company that will please customers and become a go to spot for employees, they never marginalize any employee, young or older, NEVER!

Larry Cooper, a 76 year old young employee of Angelas, a perfect example of our never give up generation and not waiting for the end to occur will be our cleanup hitter on this episode.
Angela shares her story of the ‘never say die’ attitude of building a premier business in Grand Haven from scratch. Her relationship with Larry Cooper and how his staying connected to life through her outreach and hiring practices of never ‘marginalizing’ older adults is testament to the Boomers Rock mantra of helping others achieve.
Listen to the radio talk show, take seeds of thought and please send me an email to Tom@boomersrock.us or see much more content at Boomers Rock.


Tom Matt is the host of the weekly talk show “Boomers Rock”, heard on WGHN 1370 AM Saturday mornings at 9:00 in Grand Haven, Michigan, and syndicated on the Internet here at VoiceAmerica. His show is also heard on the Spartan Sports network SSN/247. This is where he brings experts in to discuss all issues that enhance our quality of life.

He welcomes comments and feedback, on his site Boomers rock, please join our family and change the world! Visit our website, sign up and become part of the solution, its free and always welcoming/ All aboard! –

Boomer Demise- “Unfunded Liabilities”

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Boomer Demise- “Unfunded Liabilities”


I listen to talk radio a lot.  Being a talk show host leads you into the talk show world and I always want to improve not only the vocabulary, find new issues to talk about and I just enjoy the learning process.  So I have been hearing this term “Unfunded Liabilities” quite a bit and I know it is election season so we hear all kinds of issues.

This topic, however, is something I want to talk about in depth, as it really gets my motor firing!

I am convinced that the best way to deal with our nation’s unfunded liabilities is for each and every one of us to deal with our own, personal, unfunded liabilities of health, fitness, happiness, and finances.

I want us all to improve our quality of life.

In our efforts to build the American dream, encourage people to work hard and be good law abiding citizens our society invented the safety net of social services and financial back-ended rewards such as pensions and social security.  Great motivators, and I am all about motivation, however when you put in the time and then the reward is not there when you need it creates the “great consternation”, this my friends is called “Unfunded Liabilities”.

If you borrow money from a bank, you are expected to pay it back. If you gamble at a casino on your credit card, you are expected to pay back your losses. If you promise a friend to help them in the future, your friend expects you to help. If you don’t have the cash to pay back the loan, squander your credit on gambling, or have no intention of helping your friend, those are “Unfunded Liabilities” which will damage your relationship. A bank can harm your credit rating, and you might lose the friend; the gambler may bring some real hurt to collect the debt.


Ignoring debt can only make matters worse, putting your head in the sand will not protect you when the tsunami hits the shore.  Unfunded liabilities, entitlements, pensions and the like started as great ideas.  However moving forward into the future they have become the albatross around our country’s neck.

We don’t have to do it alone. We can help each other solve our own problems… together. Friends help friends, neighbors help neighbors, and, ultimately, citizens reach out to each other to improve our collective health, fitness, and finances. That will make a lot of us happy.

It is time to step up and fix things.  Through adversity grows opportunity I like to say.

I call this idea the Boomers Rock 21st Century Deal.

We need to become engaged in the process of improving our QOL (quality of life), because our road trip is just beginning and we need all of the tools and supplies that will make this a memorable road trip into the future, so what are these “tools and supplies”?

Here is the start of our list, and I would like everyone to contribute their own thoughts. No idea is a bad idea; that’s why it’s called “Boomers Rock”, not “Boomers Die”!


Live in the moment and look forward to the future. Reminiscing is Ok but we have way too many cool things coming to dwell.

Take small steps to improve your QOL. Great road trips take planning, making changes in your life takes time. Use your imagination, set goals, adopt a positive mental attitude.  Now we are talking!

Accept the fact that to worry about unfunded liabilities and entitlements is a waste of time. Strategize, find your passion and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Build your foundation for the road-trip by equipping the bus with all of the tools that will empower us to have a blast. Whether it’s education, training, or volunteering, nutrition, fitness and rest, all of these tools need to be in our toolbox.   I have been building our collective mindset on the talk show to think in the present and our futures in regard to our finances with anticipation not dread.  I do not like to do negative talk radio, so focusing on our family of listeners and knowledgeable guests, our collective is in the light of positivity.  So that is where the concept of the “ReFirement-Zone” came to life.

The “igniting your life” and kicking “Retirement” to the curb is the mindset of all of us at the “Boomers Rock” nation.

Jump on the proverbial bus, make our voices strong, and find your seat! There are plenty available on the bus, welcome aboard!


Tom Matt is the host of “The Boomers Rock Radio Talk Show” heard here on VoiceAmerica.  He welcomes email at- tom@boomers rock.us or comment on Twitter- Boomers_Rock

The Refirement Zone

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The Refirement Zone


To retire is to end something. It does not necessarily mean we have completed that something, or that something is over. We retire at the end of the day to go to sleep, but the day is not over; we fully expect to rise again the next day and begin again. We sleep because we are tired, but we hope to be energized the next day. Many people look forward to retirement from their work so that they might do nothing ever again.

But if you took that approach with sleeping, I bet you’d stay awake.

I dislike the word “retirement.” The AARP recently dropped “retirement” from its acronym (in fact, it’s not an acronym at all, but is now on echoic of a tiny dog barking “arp! arp!” to match their new mascot, a Malt-York-Shitz-Poo-Terrier with fleas). This is the 21st century and the concept of retirement needs a major facelift–I call it entering the “Refirement Zone”.

As host of the radio talk show “Boomers Rock” it is my passion, my mission and my zest for all things fun that drives me to build our social collective, keeping us boomers active and socially integrated and on top of our games.

Once you enter the “Refirement Zone” it is all about igniting your life, finding that “thing” that brings joy, keeps you active, and connects you to friends. It’s learning from each other and loving our lives.

Igniting your life is not about looking back; it is about living in the moment and building a successful future that holds an exciting, empowering energized state of mind unparalleled in its force. It is the collective state of mind that drives us into the “Refirement Zone.”

Baby Boomers have an unprecedented opportunity to rebuild the perception of retirement. We have access to medical care, access to knowledge about nutrition, fitness, and psychological well-being, and convenient access to new ideas about our world. If you are 65 years old, you potentially have another 35 years to go; the quality of those years are influenced most by your attitude, approach, and habits! At 65 you are way too young to do nothing, and at 48 you still may have young children to put through elementary school. You could have softball and soccer games in your coaching future, bake sales and football rallies, teaching kids to ride a bike or how to swim. It will be limited primarily by your beliefs.

Your imagination and initiative can open a new world of possibilities.

It is use or lose it, that is my message to all of us!

I like to talk about this tipping point in our society when all of us enter the “Boomers Rock” collective, join the “Refirement Zone” movement, ignite our lives and lead. Take our collective knowledge, passion for life, wisdom and experience and change the world, just like the 60’s and 70’s, there was no sitting around, it was time for expansion of creativity, thought and energy. Creationism at its finest and a collective mindset that changed history; that is where we find ourselves again, our collective is going to be known as the “Boomers Rock Generation”, where giving back to society, helping others and looking forward to our future is the collective mindset, we are not going to allow entitlement programs bother us as they shrivel and disappear. We are going to be self- sufficient, empowered, enlightened and have strength in our collective voice, that my friends is my view of the future, join me for an exciting ride.

To advance this movement, look for my blog entries here on VoiceAmerica. I will write about the best ideas from my radio show that we discuss for improving your quality of life. Improve your life every day, Ignite your life ‘now’! Peace Tom tom@boomersrock.us

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