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Meet Cyrille, Vince and Whitni: Leading Change In Social Solidarity Investment and Banking From Europe To The USA

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Meet Cyrille, Vince and Whitni: Leading Change In Social Solidarity Investment and Banking From Europe To The USA

With the launch of Building Banking on Values, a new VoiceAmerica radio series I’m hosting that goes behind the scenes to tell the stories of the people, passion and positivity within the values-based banking and financing sector; I thought to introduce you to some of our guests. Listen to the show now!

Meet Cyrille Langendorff: Managing Director of International Affairs, Crédit Coopératif (France)

Cyrille is Managing Director of the International Affairs department of the French cooperative bank, Credit Coopératif (a member of BPCE banking group) and he has over 20 years of experience in the banking sector.

After achieving a masters in Finance from Paris Dauphine University, Cyrille spent the first 15 years of his investment banking career working for Banque Paribas and ABN AMRO Bank in Abidjan, London and Paris.

Prior to his current role as Managing Director at Credit Coopératif, Cyrille spent four years analysing and monitoring the solidarity investments portfolio managed by Ecofi Investissements (an asset management company of Credit Coopératif Group) in France, and the European funds invested in Credit Coopératif’s partners such as, the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks (FEBEA), and the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV).

Cyrille represents Credit Coopératif on the boards of investment companies like, Coopest and Coopmed, InPulse (a Credit Coopératif subsidiary active in impact investing), Microfinance Solidaire (a micro finance subsidiary of a French NGO), Entrepreneurs du Monde, and FEBEA. He is also currently a board member of Babyloan Networks, an association that promotes social entrepreneurship and microfinance in French schools, and a board member of the French international solidarity NGO, ACTED.

Cyrille has been a rapporteur of the French national advisory board’s report on social impact investment (2014) and is contributing to the work of the Global Steering Group for Social Impact Investment under chairmanship of Sir Ronald Cohen.  Learn more.

Meet Vince Siciliano: Chief Executive Officer,  New Resource Bank (USA) 

Vince Siciliano is president and CEO of New Resource Bank, a mission-oriented bank in San Francisco that works with businesses, non-profits, and individuals seeking environmental and social, as well as financial returns. The bank is dedicated to advancing sustainability with everything it does – lending, operations, and putting deposits to work for good.

Vince currently leads New Resource Bank in serving values-driven organisations working to achieve well being for community and the planet. A longtime environmentalist and finance leader, Vince has served as CEO at International Savings Bank of San Diego; president and CEO of the Danielson Trust, a $1.5 billion company providing investment management services; and COO at First National Bank. Under his management as CEO, 1st Pacific Bank of California was named the best-performing de novo bank in California by The Findley Reports, a banking consulting firm.

Vince has been a member of the board of governors of the Savings and Community Bankers of America and the National Trade Association for the savings and loan industry, as well as a board member of the California League of Savings Institutions. He serves on the advisory board of the American Sustainable Business Council and is chairman of the board for the Ken Blanchard Center for Faith Walk Leadership. Siciliano is a graduate of Stanford University and earned a master’s degree in environmental planning from the University of California at Berkeley. He lives in Millbrae with his wife and is a proud father of two sons.Learn more.

Meet Whitni Thomas: Investor Relations Manager, Triodos Bank,  Corporate Finance (UK)

Whitni Thomas focuses on the distribution and marketing of Triodos Corporate Finance’s social and environmental investment offerings. Previously Whitni was Head of Access to Finance at the New Economics Foundation where she led the think tank’s research and consultancy work on improving access to finance for financially excluded individuals as well as social businesses.

Whitni also worked in Mexico for a year helping to run a microcredit programme. Whitni started her career at JP Morgan where she worked for six years in New York and London structuring leveraged finance for management buy-outs. Learn more. 


Don’t forget to tune into Building Banking on Values. My VoiceAmerica radio show airs on Thursdays 15:00 PDT on the Business channel. Learn more.

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Meet James and Gil: Investment Bankers With Corporate Heads and Social Hearts by Linda Ryan

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Meet James and Gil: Investment Bankers With Corporate Heads and Social Hearts by Linda Ryan

With the launch of the Building Banking on Values, a new VoiceAmerica radio series I’m hosting that goes behind the scenes to tell the stories of the people, passion and positivity within the values-based banking and financing sector; I thought to introduce you to some of our guests.

Meet James Vaccaro: Head of Corporate Strategy, Triodos Bank (The Netherlands) and Specialist in Social and Environmental Finance

James has been at Triodos Bank since 1998. He has advised on bond issues and share offers for leading social enterprises and charities, and managed equity investments in a range of early stage businesses in the organic food, recycling and environmental technology sectors.

James holds a MA in Mathematics from Cambridge University and has a Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance. He is a Fellow of both the RSA and the Strategic Management Forum.

James started his career at Triodos Bank as Development Manager – managing marketing intelligence projects and product development before becoming a loan manager with a focus in the renewable energy sector. After some time working in The Netherlands in venture capital and microfinance, James returned to the UK in 2005, starting Triodos Bank’s investment activity and was Managing Director of Investment Management UK, incorporating corporate finance advisory services and fund management. James was also the Managing Director of Triodos Renewables plc from 2005-2012. He now leads the development of strategy across the Triodos Bank group internationally.

James has served as a member of the Investment & Contract Readiness Fund Panel and author of a report for the G8 Social Investment Taskforce. He has been a director of many green and sustainable businesses and has served on the board of The UK Sustainable Investment & Finance Association (UKSIF) and been treasurer of a local community development association in south Bristol. He is a member of the Global Steering Committee for the UNEP Finance Initiative and a director of Bristol Green Capital Partnership and Regen SW. Learn more.

Meet Gil Crawford: Chief Executive Office of MicroVest (USA), Advocate for Purposeful Capital and Investment Expert In Microfinance

Crawford is Chief Executive Officer of MicroVest. He is responsible for leading the company’s investment operations and strategy since MicroVest’s founding in 2003. As MicroVest’s CEO, he led the launch of MicroVest I, LP, the first commercial private equity vehicle focused on microfinance in North America. Mr. Crawford has over 25 years experience with microfinance institutions and capital markets across the globe.

Before helping to found MicroVest Capital Management, Mr. Crawford worked for the Latin American Financial Markets Division at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and focused on investments in microfinance institutions. Prior to joining IFC, Gil created and ran Seed Capital Development Fund, a US based non‐profit firm, involved in creating financial instruments and attracting funds to capitalise microfinance institutions, primarily in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Prior to creating Seed Capital, Gil was the Assistant Project Director for Africa Venture Capital Project, designed to create risk capital firms in Africa.

Gil received his bank training at Chase Manhattan Bank after working in Africa for the Red Cross and State Department. He is a graduate of SAIS at Johns Hopkins University and Bates College.

Gil was an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins SAIS from 2010 to 2014. He serves on the Board of the Tunisian American Fund, which began operating in July 2013, and of SFC, a Sub-Saharan finance company. He is also an Independent Director of American Capital Senior Finance, LLC since January 2014. He is fluent in English and conversant in French, Spanish and Swedish. Learn more. 


Oh, and don’t forget to tune into Building Banking on Values. My VoiceAmerica radio show airs on Thursdays 15:00 PDT on the Business channel Learn more http://www.gabv.org/our-news/gabv-launches-radio-series-with-voiceamerica#.VwRI40fRvg8

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