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School is in Session—Maybe??

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School is in Session—Maybe??

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“Life is the only school where the exam comes before the lesson.” Source Unknown



The 2021 natural disasters continue to climb. Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornados, and fires are more ferocious and deadly causing thousands to flee their homes. Global warming and climate change are causing extreme weather conditions that have never been seen before. Throughout 2020, Be the Star You Are!® concentrated disaster relief on helping individuals who were out of work survive during the pandemic. We now turn our assistance back to helping survivors of these major natural disasters happening throughout the United States. Be the Star You Are!® will be providing books and other materials to shelters and organizations in need. If you’d like to donate, please do so at our website, https://www.BetheStarYouAre.org. If your organization or shelter is in need of our resources to supply to survivors of a disaster, please email us at info@BetheStarYouAre.org. 


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TSHIRT_design-2.jpg 2On 9/9, Be the Star You Are!® literacy, arts and culture non-profit celebrates 22 years of operating as a 501 c3 charity serving women, families, and youth. For 22 years, BTSYA has served as an all volunteer organization with no paid staff. These are accomplishments thus far:

Served 420,920 individuals and families

Donated to 112 organizations

Logged 559,890 volunteer hours and growing

Distributed $2 million plus in resources

Broadcast 2200 unique hours of positive programming through radio broadcasts.

Published 4 signature award-winning books, Be the Star You Are!® 99 Gifts, Be the Star You Are!® for Teens, Be the Star You Are!® Millennials to Boomers, and Miracle Moments®,

Written and published over 2430 book reviews in collaboration with The Reading Tub and Express Yourself!™ Creative Community.

Interviewed over 2500 authors, experts, and celebrities.

Honored with five-star ratings as a Top Rated Non-Profit by GuideStar and Great Non Profits for the Women’s Empowerment, Arts and Culture, and the Arts Appreciation Campaigns since 2010.

Be the Star You Are!® encourages and supports its volunteers to GROW people.


Let’s get back to school safely and permanently. Our best tools are getting vaccinated and wearing masks. Love and protect our children.



cynthia brian-green maskIn my school days, I always anticipated getting back into the classroom in September to meet my new teachers, see friends, make new friends, and learn new subjects. But for students today, Covid-19 has rendered havoc and fear mixed with those strong emotions of wanting life to be back to normal.

Despite hopes that we were emerging from the pandemic, it is clear that it’s not over yet. The Delta variant is ramping up as schools and universities scramble to create a safe environment for administrators, teachers, staff, volunteers, and most importantly, the students.

In our school district, all staff, teachers, and volunteers are required to be vaccinated. Most students ages 12 and over are vaccinated. With few exceptions, everyone on campus will be required to wear masks when indoors. Those with medical conditions who can’t don a a mask, will wear face shields with draping. Anyone exposed to a Covid-19 infected individuals must quarantine. There are numerous other requirements for home health checks, sanitation, hygiene, daily classroom cleaning, testing, ventilation, air quality, and contract tracing. Transparency without violating student privacy will be key to success in this very complex and challenging environment. With the enforced rules and guidelines, in the two weeks that school has been in-person learning, no cases of Covid have transpired.

Sadly, this is not the case around the United States. I’ve spoken with several volunteers in states where politicians who are against wearing masks are fighting with the school boards and administrators that believe masks will protect the children. One person explained that within two days of opening, her child’s school had to quarantine because 35 kids under the age of 10 contracted Covid. Another told me that both of her children are suffering with Covid after just 5 days at school. Not only did the school have to close, but parents who can’t work remotely, have to miss work to care for their children.

The world is in the midst of a major health crisis. Politicians who are fighting against masks and the vaccine are putting their constituents in deathly danger. All of us must strive to get our priorities straight. The virus is our enemy. It is not one another, nor should vaccinations and masking be a political issue.

For those of us 12 years of age and older, we have a source to remain healthy through a simple vaccine. Pfizer has now been officially approved by the FDA with Moderna and Johnson and Johnson to follow soon. I applaud the many private sector employers that are already mandating vaccines for employees and hope that many more will follow.

We need to keep our children safe and the only way we can do that is to vaccinate everyone who is eligible. The Delta variant is many times more contagious and deadly than the original virus and if we continue to allow this virus to replicate, it will continue to mutate. The outcome could be drastically worse than what we are experiencing now.

Our children want and need to go to school. They deserve not only an education but the socialization that a healthy school environment entails. If you love your kids, get vaccinated and encourage those around you to do the same.

Don’t listen to the politicians, social media, or even other people, including me.  Instead, listen to the experts and talk to your personal physician about the course you need to take to keep yourself and your loved ones virus-free.

This virus is a test. Will we pass the exam?

Let’s get our economy back on track. Let’s get the kids safely in school. We each hold the key to success and we are in this together. Protect one another.

Get vaccinated. Wear a mask. It is the right thing to do.

Stay safe, stay strong, be healthy.

Cynthia Brian

Founder/Executive Director

Be the Star You Are!®

PO Box 376

Moraga, California 94556




Covid-19 Vaccine

DONATE: https://www.paypal.com/fundraiser/charity/1504


Pear Festival flyerThe Pear and Wine Festival is scheduled for Saturday, September 25th from 11 am-4pm with free family fun at Moraga Commons Park in Moraga. The town is keeping tabs on the Delta variant and will cancel if necessary. Be the Star You Are!® is participating with a booth. hosts and reporters of our radio broadcast, Express Yourself! will be in person to greet visitors. Instead of doing our normal face painting, BTSYA volunteers will be providing a table with masks to be decorated. We will also have a Kids Korner with a reading circle. Many thanks to our sponsors The Lamorinda Weekly Newspaper (www.lamorindaweekly.com) and MBJesse Painting (www.MBJessee.com). Also appreciation to author Brooks Olbrys who has donated two cases of books in English and Spanish of his 10 year anniversary special of Blue Ocean Bob. (https://www.blueoceanbob.com) Children who attend will be given a beautiful new book.

The festival will feature food, wine, art, children’s activities, a petting zoo, and fun for everyone. Admission is FREE. More information at https://www.bethestaryouare.org/copy-of-events


Drew EbnerHi! I am Drew Ebner, an incoming junior at Acalanes High School. I am a bubbly person with a great work ethic who is always willing to help! Literature has been a passion of mine for some time now and I am so excited to help out with Be the Star You Are! Volunteers will work in two shifts, from 9:00am-Noon and Noon-3:00pm. It’s going to be a great day of getting to meet one another.

If you want to sponsor or volunteer, email info@BetheStarYouAre.org

Thank you, Drew Ebner


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June 2021-Regina Phelps – BCM Future, Value on Investment, COVID

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June 2021-Regina Phelps – BCM Future, Value on Investment, COVID

Join me at June 24/21 at 1pm EST/Toronto!

It’s that time again! It’s my monthly discussion with recognized BCM industry expert Regina Phelps. For this month we mix it up a bit and talk about what the pandemic means to the field of Business Continuity, how to promote what BC professionals do and offer organization’s, and how we can show Value on Investment (VOI). As always, we start off with a quick update on the status of COVID-19 and vaccine’s around the globe. It’s always a great discussion with Regina, so don’t miss it.


January 2021 Covid-19 Update w/ Regina Phelps

Posted by presspass on
January 2021 Covid-19 Update w/ Regina Phelps


It’s time once again for our monthly talk with expert Regina Phelps and discuss the latest happenings on the COVID19 pandemic. We talk about: – the current state of COVID affairs in the US and Canada, – the current state of vaccine distribution and the challenges being encountered, – the new variants concerning scientists, – companies assessing their ‘return to the office’ ideas.

Show Logo w Microphone.jpg2021 hasn’t quite started the way we all hoped.

Covid-19: August Update with Regina Phelps

Posted by presspass on
Covid-19: August Update with Regina Phelps

Join me Thursday, August 20/20 for my monthly chat with Regina Phelps, as we continue to talk about the latest happenings with Covid-19. We’ll touch on things such as the latest virus numbers and status, vaccines and therapeutics, the upcoming school year, and considerations when experiencing a second crisis during the pandemic.
Insightful as always!

Concerning the State of Vaccines in America By Dr. John and Linda Gonino

Posted by Editor on
Health & Wellness
Concerning the State of Vaccines in America By Dr. John and Linda Gonino

In 2013 a CDC whistle blower leaked that the centers study in 2004 of the MMR vaccine and its’ link to autism, was purposefully tainted as they omitted evidence and data that produced the causal relationship of the two. What commenced and came out of this persons information is the movie VAXXED: From Cover Up to Catastrophe. Join us as Director Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Producer Polly Tommy tell us about the movie, the bus tour, the scrutiny and eventual blast off of the movie that is a true source of the state of vaccine damage, death and laws in America.

This subject matter is controversial, but at the heart of this film is the real life stories of parents with vaccine injured and sadly, dead children from vaccines. Texans for Vaccine Choice, Director of state policy, Rebecca Hardy is with us as well giving us the pulse of legislation trying to be passed in the state of Texas on vaccines and what you can do to join your local movements and stand up for medical liberties.

Guest Bios:

Dr. Andrew Wakefield MB.BS. is an academic gastroenterologist. He received his medical degree from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School, London in 1981. He qualified as Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1985 and trained as a gastrointestinal surgeon with a particular interest in inflammatory bowel disease. He was awarded a Wellcome Trust Traveling Fellowship to study small-intestinal transplantation in Toronto. He was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists in the U.K. in 2001. Wakefield has published over 140 original scientific papers, reviews, and book chapters.

In 1995, as an academic physician working in a London teaching hospital, he was contacted by the parent of an autistic child with stomach issues. He soon learned from several other parents with autistic behaviors, that their children’s regressive behavior immediately followed an MMR vaccine. He started investigating a possible role between gastrointestinal issues, the MMR vaccine, and neurological injury in children. In pursuit of this possible link, Dr. Wakefield participated in a study of twelve children with both stomach and developmental issues. The ensuing report, written with twelve other authors would catapult Wakefield into becoming one of the most controversial figures in the history of Medicine. He is the Director of “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.”

Polly Tommey is the mother of Billy, a 20-year old boy with autism, a book author, founding Editor-in-Chief of the world’s preeminent autism magazine The Autism File, and Autism Media Channel’s TV host and award-winning documentary film producer (“Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis”).
An outspoken autism advocate and founder of the not-for-profit Autism Trust in the UK and US, Polly has appeared in print and television media around the globe, gone head-to-head with top political leaders, and never compromised.
She has received multiple nominations and awards from, among others, The Women of The Year Foundation, Red magazine, and the British Society of Magazine Editors.
She is also a Producer on “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.”

Rebecca Hardy
As a speech-language pathologist, Rebecca has encountered many children with profound vaccine injuries. These experiences created a passion for protecting others from these kinds of negative health outcomes, which she has turned into activism. Rebecca is one of the founders of the group Texans for Vaccine Choice  and currently serves as its Director of State Policy. A native Texan, she grew up in the Austin area, graduated from Southwestern University in Georgetown before earning her Master’s in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Texas at Dallas. Whether it’s meeting with legislators, drafting legislative strategy, or block-walking for candidates, Rebecca is dedicated to protecting medical liberties and informed consent for all Texans.  

More Here!

Zika virus – the NEXT scare, Be NOT afraid! by Nicholas St Jon

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Health & Wellness
Zika virus – the NEXT scare, Be NOT afraid! by Nicholas St Jon

Zika virus is the “new” threat. BTW, they are NEVER gonna stop coming, there will always be something new and threatening, so learn what YOU can do, don’t wait for someone else to protect you.
Quit waiting for someone else to find the solution to the next epidemic or pandemic. I’d love for the CDC to do something, but they have already proven with West Nile and Ebola that they are simply not capable of doing hardly anything.
There’s NOT going to be a vaccine for Zika, after 14 years, almost 1,000 deaths and thousands maimed from WNV, still no vaccine nor is there likely to be one. All of the “authorities” websites say the exact same thing, there is NO treatment, there is NO cure. That’s reassuring!?!
They can simply duplicate those paragraphs when they create the Zika pages because its the same.
Its YOUR health, take charge for there is something you CAN do against ALL viral and bacterial infections like Zika and West Nile.
Occam’s razor says that all things being equal, the best solution to a problem is usually the easiest and simplest.
What is that solution? Its simple, do the opposite of what the “authorities” say makes you vulnerable to these infections in the first place, you’re vulnerable and reduce your chances of recovery if you have a weak or weakened immune system. The overly obvious answer would then be to “strengthen” your immune system, but they really don’t give you much help there.
So fasten your seat belts, here it is, the simplest, easiest, almost unbelievably powerful, most researched nutrient ever but the very foundation of the entire Immune System, fortify your white blood cells with plenty of Sodium Ascorbate. That’s it.
Sodium Ascorbate in significant amounts, like over 3,000 mg per day (not all at once), has shown so effective against all viruses its ridiculous that its been ignored for so long.
Its YOUR health, don’t wait for someone else to protect you, they’re simply not capable fast enough.
Learn more at bit dot ly / out-ahead to find 9 other things that supercharge the Immune System.

Tune in every Tuesday at 3pm PST to The Health Cure Show!

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