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Podcasts for Wellness During the Pandemic

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The pandemic has been challenging for everybody. While people are isolated and stuck at home, the pandemic seems to be nowhere near its end. Coping with isolation is hard, and not knowing what the future holds can be scary. Although social media is making the quarantine somewhat easier, podcasts for wellness prove pretty helpful. With America’s mental health and wellness struggling, how are people making ends meet? You could start listening to podcasts for fitness if you aren’t already. These podcasts will surely give you some much-wanted answers.

Why should you listen to podcasts online?

Podcasts are the most effective way to calm your mind and improve your knowledge. Listening to people talking can indeed be very therapeutic. Podcasts can be of great help when your mind is in chaos and you have no one to turn to because it’s the pandemic and you are stuck at home. While video calls and other Social Media are a click away, they don’t always help when you become anxious or in distress. They are the perfect way to feel attached and understood! Podcasts on health and wellness can be the ideal distraction when finding peace of mind seems like a task!

Top health and wellness podcasts popular on VoiceAmerica

When you listen to podcasts online, you are not only welcoming peace for your mind, but you are also allowing positive energy to radiate through your body. Here are some of the most loved and best wellness podcasts popular on VoiceAmerica.com:

  1. Born to Be Breastfed – hosted by Marie Biancuzzo

Every new mother hears that breast is best. Many decide to breastfeed, so their baby has the best. But soon after birth, the days are often fraught with sleep deprivation and conflicting messages from peers, family members, and health care professionals. This show aims to empower parents to overcome the barriers that keep them from the beginning or continuing to breastfeed.

The show teaches you how Functional Medicine, natural healing, and biological dentistry, a.k.a. natural, holistic, complementary, and alternative medicine and dentistry, can help prevent and safely and effectively treat your health problems.

On Good Grief, we explore the losses that define our lives. Each week, we talk with people who have transformed themselves through the profound act of grieving. Why settle for surviving? Say yes to the many experiences that embody loss! Grief can teach you where your strengths are and ignite your courage. It can heighten your awareness of what is important to you and help you let go of what is not.

Breast Friends helps women and families deal with the emotional upheaval of cancer. Our show focuses on education, inspiration, and hope, by offering advice to the patients and survivors while teaching their friends and family how to provide significant and helpful support to their loved ones.

There are SO many issues in healthcare that impact medical/nursing providers and patients alike. Still, each of them may not see the connections to themselves. This show is a forum for nurses to tell stories about their own experiences, whether professional or family-focused, and guests will inspire conversation on health and nursing-related topics. 2021 is here, and we should be more health-conscious; if you want to take care of yourself better, then wellness and listening to health podcasts make a perfect combination

What Are Radio Shows And Podcasts?

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Recent development has brought many changes to our society. Unlike earlier times, when people could only read news via a newspaper, now they can listen to radio shows and even watch or listen to podcasts on any digital device. Due to this, people are becoming open about various topics. 

In addition to that, public discussion is gaining immense popularity. Talk radio and podcasts are where several people come together to talk about a particular subject. It is very intriguing to be a part of such services. 

There are several mediums where people share views on talk radio. It is a specific service that is available to every individual. You can listen to these shows while sitting in your home or driving to a location. It is not only convenient but an effective way of mass communication.

You can find several news talk radio shows over radio stations, television and the internet. Using these methods, people talk about a variety of genres like health, science and sports. But out of all these subjects, podcasts about influencers are gaining a lot of attention. 

Introduction to Podcasts and Radio Shows

A radio show is a live broadcasting service where people can gain information about a specific topic. We also have news talk radio shows. This type of content focuses on sharing news-related ideas. The discussion is based upon the positive, negative or neutral side. And, depending on the panel, the entire scenario can continue for many hours.

Another popular medium of interaction is a podcast. There is one main difference between a radio show and a podcast. A radio session is mostly conducted for a live audience. By contrast, a podcast is usually an audio recording that is played at a given time. But the basic ideology between both of these methods is the same.

Recently, podcasts have become very much like radio shows. People have started producing live podcasts that attract a large number of people. In some cases, the audience can even interact with the panel members via a live chat system. Popular websites like YouTube and Twitch also allow people to watch live podcasts. This has completely changed the “broadcasting” landscape.

Nowadays, people want to learn how to grow their business or improve their life. They try to gain as much information as possible about these types of topics. Because of the increase in demand of topics like these, podcasts about influencers are becoming insanely popular. Several websites have started a dedicated channel to stream any influencing content. With these talk shows, people can learn mental tricks that can help them evolve.

How Can You Host A Radio Show?

Do you want to become a host? You need to consider two critical aspects before starting your radio show.

Skills required

  • Understand your audience: This is the essential step of starting a radio broadcast. You need to know more about who you are interacting with and how to reach your target audience. The more you know, the better your show will be.
  • Listen carefully: Be observant about various topics. Also, try to acknowledge the given topics that your audience is talking about to provide content they want to listen to.
  • Have a personality: Having a firm voice with a positive attitude is needed for a venture like radio or podcasting. Having this positive attitude will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Enjoy and go with the flow: Sometimes, you need to relax and let things sort out all their own.

Idea and tools needed

  • Conceptualization and branding: If you want to host a radio show, you must create a concept and brand name to target specific people. 
  • Gather a set of equipment: One can easily find a decent computer, headphones, microphone and a mixing setup online or at specialized electronics retailers. Just assemble and install all of these components together to create your broadcasting system.
  • Have sound knowledge: This is a final but crucial step of hosting. Whether you want to be a talk radio host or a technological expert, everything requires knowledge. So, gather some articles, gain some information and then think about the topics you want to discuss on your radio show or podcast.

About VoiceAmerica

VoiceAmerica, the pioneer of digital radio programming since 1999, is the original digital broadcast company for the production and delivery of Live Internet Talk Radio programming and continues to be an industry leader in Live Internet Talk, podcast audio creation, production, and distribution. VoiceAmerica creates and distributes over 500 unique and innovative radio programs that engage millions of listeners worldwide. Five diverse VoiceAmerica network channels distribute live programs daily that reach a growing domestic and international audience. Listen live at VoiceAmerica Variety, VoiceAmerica Business, VoiceAmerica Health,  VoiceAmerica EmpowermentVoiceAmerica Influencers, and on our Apple and Android devices. Follow VoiceAmerica on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn. To learn how to become a host or sponsor on VoiceAmerica.com, call 1-855-877 4666.  VoiceAmerica | Become a Host | Advertise with us | About VoiceAmerica

Scattering Kindness

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Scattering Kindness


Miracle Moment®

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” Dalai Lama XIV

A Message From Our Founder, Cynthia Brian

Whenever we felt angry with someone when we were children, my Mother would advise, “You’ll catch more bees with honey than vinegar. Be kind.” Although I wasn’t sure why she wanted us to catch bees, as we matured those words became the foundation of our characters. Kindness begets kindness.

The BTSYA Pop- Up Concert at Aegis Living spread the love among seniors and a pooch. Thanks to Chelsea Pelchat and Brigitte Jia for organizing such a kind event.

Jelina Liu has signed on to be the official videographer for upcoming SHINE webisodes. If you want to contribute to the scripts that focus on being the star you are, shoot me an email.

The Pear and Wine Festival will be held on Saturday, September 23 and we are thrilled that three of last year’s sponsors have once again stepped up to support Be the Star You Are!®. If you are interested in joining our STAR sponsors, email Cynthia@BetheStarYouAre.org. More information at www.BetheStarYouAre.org/events .

Our sincere thank you to our STARS:

Gold Star Sponsor: Michael Verbrugge Construction: www.mvcremodeling.com

Media Sponsor: The Lamorinda Weekly: www.lamorindaweekly.com

Silver Sponsor: MB Jesse Painting: www.mbjessee.com

The planning committee for our 20th anniversary celebration will be meeting at our offices on Tuesday, September 5th. If you’d like to help plan this exciting event, be in touch by email.

Our STAR Book Review Team has been on super drive these past few months reading and writing reviews to help learn about great books new and old. Check out www.BTSYA.org and click on Book Reviews for a plethora of ideas for fascinating reads for all ages.

As you prepare for the upcoming school season, take time to savor the sunshine while you enjoy the juicy fruits of summer. Give thanks for the farmers of our world who work to feed us all. You’ll want to read my article In Praise of Farmers.  https://www.lamorindaweekly.com/archive/issue1112/Digging-Deep-Gardening-with-Cynthia-Brian-In-Praise-of-Farmers.html


Be kind to one another. Happy days! We’ll chat in September!

With gratitude and joy for your support. Remember that my virtual door is always open!

Cynthia Brian

Founder/Executive Director

Be the Star You Are!®

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Moraga, Ca. 94556






By Karen Kitchel

If you asked most people if they want to scatter kindness, I believe you would hear a resounding “yes!”  If you need some ideas on how to begin, here are a few simple ways to start scattering kindness.

 Interrupt the ordinary
Think about the people who help you get life done (mail delivery person, garbage collector, etc.)  Interrupt them on an ordinary day with a cold bottle of water or candy bar and a “thanks for what you do.”

Love from afar
Send a little treat or trinket with the name of your state to a faraway friend or distant relative with a post-it note that says you were just thinking about them.

Popsicle scattering 

While at the grocery store, pick up a box or two of popsicles and drop them off at a local shelter. All you have to say is “enjoy!”

Pennies for wishes

Save up your pennies and spread them out near a fountain where kids will find them, and they can make wishes.

Take the sting out of sorrow
Add to your calendar the  birthday and anniversary dates of friends who have recently passed away. Then do something to remember the loved ones left behind on these difficult yet special days.

A line to say to make someone’s day

“That color sure looks good on you!”

Magazines for the homeless

If you enjoy reading, gather your used magazines or ask your doctor or dentist’s office to save some for you, and take them to a homeless shelter.

Kindness cards

Make up a few note cards to keep in your purse or car. Randomly drop them on an empty park bench, a counter or windshield.  They can say things like:  “You are appreciated” –  “Always remember how special you are” –  “There is not another person in this universe just like you” –  “You are better than butter!”

About the author:

Karen Kitchel is passionate about scattering kindness. As President of the Cheerful Givers nonprofit organization, she helped to bring birthday gifts to more than one million less fortunate children. Prior to that, she helped create a corporate university at BI Worldwide.  Currently she serves meals to the homeless, is a job coach, teacher, writer and mentor.  She can be reached at karenkitchel@comcast.net.

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Pitbull Hard Money Conference

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Pitbull Hard Money Conference

VoiceAmerica will be Streaming both Live radio and Tv of this event. Tune in at 7 am as we go live radio at https://www.voiceamerica.com./livevents and Live tv at http://www.voiceamerica.tv/live ! Jeff Spenard and Ryan Treasure will be on-site with Live interviews and event updates with tall the change makers in Hard Money.

The Hard Money Lending Experts

  • National Private Lending Conference
    March 2, 2017 Scottsdale AZ – ALMOST Sold Out!
  • Private Consulting
  • Ultimate Resource for Real Estate Brokers, Lenders, Investors & Service Providers

Rock Against Trafficking Event Live with VoiceAmerica

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Rock Against Trafficking Event Live with VoiceAmerica



Rock Against Trafficking is a non-profit organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service of the United States under Section 501c3. It’s simple mission is to amplify the power of music to generate the awareness and resources necessary to end human trafficking.
Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise on earth. That such an enterprise would be tolerated at all is amazing but for it to be the fastest growing enterprise demands a call to action. Under the leadership of Gary Miller, many classic and legendary stars have answered the call to offer their incredible voices to end human trafficking.

After two years of painstaking effort, legendary and global superstars have come together to cover songs by Sting & The Police to raise money to fight the scourge of human trafficking. The album will be entitled Set Them Free.
The organization is based in Malibu and is dedicated to building partnerships with other human trafficking charities to distribute the proceeds of album sales to the rescue, recovery and rehabilitation of human trafficking victims.


More Here!


Are Lion the New Rhino with Pieter Kat LionAid By Eli Weiss

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Are Lion the New Rhino with Pieter Kat LionAid By Eli Weiss

Join Eli Weiss this Monday with long time guest on Our Wild World Talk Radio Show and Lion conservationist, Dr. Pieter Kat with Lion Aid. On Nov 7th at 8 a.m. PT, Tune In as we discuss the #illegaltrade in endangered species more specifically #Lions. As time goes on we all notice and realize more and more that it is all about money and the politics within the realm of the Canned Hunting industry are becoming even more corrupt. But the ultimate price, will be the loss of the very definition of ‘wildness’. In the illegal wildlife trade, the fact that the value of an animal is only tallied upon its worth as a carcass or its parts shows that money will win the day.

More Here!

Encores! By Ariel Hardy

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7th Wave
Encores! By Ariel Hardy


We’ve reached 51,564 live listeners and downloads of the 13-week show, Energetically Speaking, full of prayers and teachings by energy healer, Ariel Hardy!  If you missed this intense series, full of teachings and prayers, VoiceAmerica is replaying each lively episode two or more times a day on the 7th Wave Channel until the end of December 2016.
Listen Here!
Tune in, while it’s still playing!


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Independent book editor and publishing expert Janet Spencer King  joined me on “Turn the Page” to discuss how to become a published author.”

In this post, Janet offers additional advice to help make your book a success!

Janet shares, “Just about every client I have ever had asks me the Big Question: “Will my book be a success?” No one can answer this question upfront; there simply isn’t a way to determine if a book—however good it is—will do well. However, there are several factors to keep in mind when you decide to write and publish your book.

Fiction writers need to keep writing! Most first-time fiction authors can’t expect to sell many books. But we fiction readers are a greedy bunch—when we find an author whose work we like, we want more. Authors who hang in there, writing another and yet another novel, have a much better chance of being discovered. It may not be until the third or even fourth book, but once success starts creeping in, readers are apt to go back to purchase your previous titles. The beauty of being a self-published writer is that your books live on in perpetuity unlike traditionally published ones, most of which are pulled off the market well within the first year.

Many non-fiction writers have the advantage of an existing platform that will help sell their book. Given that non-fiction is often based on a successful business, or expertise in particular areas, these authors may already be doing presentations, holding workshops, and in other ways meeting people who are in their reader niche.

Read books in your genre that are currently popular—you’ll find out how to handle many areas in your own book by learning what other authors did. Go to writers’ conferences as often as possible. You will learn lots more about writing and meet editors and agents. Google lists conferences around the country according to region and genre.”

“All writers, whether fiction or non-fiction must have a web site! I advise using a URL with your name plus the word “author.” For example, www.spencerkingauthorservices.com . The reason is that your site now welcomes your next book and your next. Using one book’s title locks you into one book only. Non-fiction authors might want to link their expertise to their name in the URL.”

“Many traditional publishing houses are setting e-book prices nearly as high as print books, but self-published authors are free to set their own. I advise no higher than $9.99 and as low as $6.99 for smaller books. Amazon pays 70% royalties on sales of e-books priced between $2.99 and $9.99, and 35% on books that are priced higher than $9.99. The price on your e-book must be at least 20% lower than the print book in order for you to get the 70% rate.”

“You must own your book’s ISBN! It tracks all information including the publisher (you!), sales and revenue. The ISBN cannot be transferred; once purchased by someone, it remains with that entity and you’ll want it to be you. In the US, purchase of ISBNs are through Bowker.com, one number or a packet of ten. I suggest purchasing a packet since you can use it for e-books and other future books.”

Janet recommends, “The Novel-Maker’s Handbook” by Diane O’Connell (Station Square Media), and “Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors & Literary Agents,” by Jeff Herman (New World Library).

Listen to our conversation for guidance on navigating the options of traditional and self-publishing, and more tips on writing a professional-level book that will sell!

Janet Spencer King Head Shot-VA

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