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“It is a complete honor to have Sonya Jones as a guest on my talk show, Living Within the Sweet Spot, this week.

Sonya was the only female finalist in Season 16 of NBC’s TV show The Biggest Loser where she inspired others to carry an upbeat attitude and to live a life of determination. Sonya shares on the show several of her favorite tips straight from her soon to be released book, 44 Lessons From A Loser, coming out this fall. Find out more on Sonya at http://www.sonyajones44.com/

This episode highlighting Sonya can be found on the September 26, 2018, episode of ‘Living Within the Sweet Spot’ show, which is broadcast live every Wednesday 7AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel. Archives of Living Within the Sweet Spot can be found at https://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2751/living-within-the-sweet-spot.

We start of the show off with coaching on ‘never giving up’, a topic that I knew Sonya would have much to offer. She truly is the perfect guest for this show, ‘Losing To Winning”. It is clear to see that Sonya’s passion for encouraging others to achieve greatness in all areas of their life. In the second segment of the show, Sonya offers the listeners first hand advice, encouragement, and tips straight out of her new release soon to be out, 44 Lessons From A Loser. We finish the show with LIVE life coaching from the listeners.

Before Sonya’s participation on Biggest Loser, she admits to struggling with self-worth and self- confidence.  Sonya had been overweight her entire life and was determined to make a change. Sonya stood on the scale feeling embarrassed and like a hypocrite at 283 pounds in June 2014. Six months later Jones stepped onto the scale and into the hearts of millions of Americans as she dropped a whopping 144 pounds and had lost 50.88% of her body weight.

Sonya has gone on to receive Security Bank’s 2015 Women of Influence Award, was the 2015 recipient of the Greenville College Young Alumnus Award, is currently an outreach representative for Medical HSHS Group and is a certified John Maxwell speaker inspiring many across the country. To connect with Sonya go to http://www.sonyajones44.com/ You can find the below quote on her home screen which I find speaks volumes about her… simply by her quote.



Faith Infused Living… Reaches Goals Higher!
Niccie Kliegl RN, CLC


Please head to HERE to listen to the show, Episode 9/26/18
If interested in being a guest on VoiceAmerica’s Living Within the Sweet Spot, contact Niccie Kliegl at niccie@nicciekliegl.com.


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Fitness coach and personal trainer Maria DiGiuseppe joined me on “Turn the Page” to share her approach to “good health and peace of mind,” documented in her book, “Fit and Faithful.”  

In my post-show conversation with Maria, she provided additional suggestions about what you can do to strengthen your physical health. Here’s what she shared:

“The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), American Council of Exercise, National Institute of Health (NIH) Senior Health, and World Health Organization (WHO) are authorities which provide guidelines for your physical health.

The NASM recommends doing cardio training at least two to three times a week. Most health benefits occur with at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity physical activity, such as brisk walking. Additional benefits occur with more physical activity. You can fulfill 30-minutes of cardio through any of a number of modalities, such as high-intensity interval training, use of a treadmill and elliptical machine, and classes like aerobics or dance. The NASM also suggests two to three days of strength training with flexibility exercises included.  

Applying substantiated recommendations like these requires adherence and is only possible if you believe in what you are doing. Without consistency there are no results. Being clear about the benefits to you is a step toward “locking in” your motivation and dedication. Research suggests that people who exercise can lower their biological age, as measured by factors such as aerobic power, muscle strength, joint stability, flexibility, life expectancy, and the onset of disability.  Regular physical activity reduces the risk of adverse health outcomes and exercise has positive effects on your overall sense of well-being.”  

“Choose one of the diets recommended by the American Dietetic Association (ADA) or a certified nutritionist. This doesn’t mean choosing a “fad” diet, like eating a grapefruit everyday for a month and excluding protein. It has to be a standard that is sensible and one you can live by daily.

The Mediterranean diet, which I grew up on in my Italian household, is an example of a healthy diet that you can stay on for life. It contains macronutrients, carbohydrates, protein, the good heart healthy fat found in fish and nuts, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and whole grain breads and pastas. Other examples of healthy recommended diets are the Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH), Diabetic, and MyPLate. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics offers videos, recipes, and other resources to help you to “eat right.”

If you choose the MyPlate diet, you can set up the food-tracking tool (called SuperTracker) on your computer with your personal information and learn what changes you may need to make in your diet. I will show you when your sodium intake is too high, or if you go over your recommended calorie amounts. There are other tracking tools available through MyPlate as well, including ones for weight management, physical activities, and goal setting.

30 minutes of strength training twice a week
30 minutes of walking on the treadmill or biking three days a week

Mediterranean Menu
This menu, which totals about 1400 calories, is not appropriate for everyone and must be adjusted based on individual needs.  

One egg on whole grain toast with coffee and a glass of skim milk

Grilled chicken breast on mesclun lettuce with carrots, cucumber, olive olive oil and a vinaigrette dressing and a small lentil soup

Broiled Sole with ½ baked potato, steamed broccoli and ½ cup of brown rice

Apple, pear, a hand full of walnuts (200 calories) in between meals  

“I had a client who came to me with a picture of herself in a bathing suit from ten years earlier, when she liked the way she looked. We used the formula of adding 250 calories a day in energy expenditure (calories burned through physical activities) and subtracted 250 calories in what she ate to create a total reduction of 500 calories a day. She lost almost 50 pounds in six months! Adherence equals results!  

Here’s a weight loss formula:
250 calories expended daily during exercise + a 250 calorie reduction from daily calorie intake * 7 days a week = 3,500 calories, which amounts to losing one pound!  

45 minutes on the treadmill daily and one less cookie, rice portion or slice of pizza a day

“Many people see menopause, disease and aging as obstacles to leading a healthy lifestyle. I don’t see it that way. Circumstances like these provide opportunities to enhance our lives, be grateful for what we have, and learn how to redefine what it means to have good health. While you may experience limitations and setbacks, being your best is still an option.

My body didn’t fail me as I first thought when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Instead, it supported me to withstand the surgeries, rehab, and mental and physical stress that I had to endure throughout the treatment process. I’ve seen this with clients as well. As a result of their improved fitness levels, when an unexpected illness arrives, they recover much better and faster than if they had not been leading a healthy lifestyle.

Your foundation for good health is rooted in exercise and good nutrition. Building a strong base, especially while you’re young, will set you up for future success!”

Listen to Maria’s guest spot on “Turn the Page” to learn about the four concepts that she sees as essential for physical and spiritual health, and why she views faith as the pillar for peace of mind.

The Importance of Protein By Darlene Godwin

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Health & Wellness
The Importance of Protein By Darlene Godwin

This is a YMCA Event!….I am doing a talk tomorrow night at the YMCA Chickahominy in Sandston, VA at 7 pm on ‘The Importance of Protein for the vegan and non-vegan. If guests miss this talk they can hear me talk about it again live on VoiceAmerica.com on the Health and Wellness Channel on Happy and Healthy Living with Darlene Godwin Wednesday October 12th at 12 pm Eastern Time

Listen Here! 

Trendy Boomers and How to Improve by Tom Matt

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Trendy Boomers and How to Improve by Tom Matt


”Tom Matt’s “Boomers Rock” Radio Talk Show’ is heard every Monday at 6:00pm EST on the Variety channel right here on VoiceAmerica. Please like our Facebook fan page, ‘Boomers Rock’, or follow us on Twitter, ‘Boomers_Rock’ and post any questions comments reactions and suggestions to help us deliver the best content to all ‘MiddleLiving’ adults. You can email Tom- tom@boomersrock.us as well as join the family and collective at Boomers Rocks.

I have this thought on a series of articles about the thought and actions of “Looking Forward or Back”.

I talk about this on the talk show, and in my book, “Maximize Your Quality of Life”, so I thought what a great idea, a series of quick hitters.

So many of our quality of life issues revolve around a myriad of topics, so in building on how to look forward with positive energy let’s talk about different issues, today I want to cover some issues that can help our eating plans and taking back our future, here you go.

Think about these for a second:

Do you think people over-eat junk food because they didn’t get the letter about sugar?

Or we continue to eat foods that pack on the belly fat not because we don’t know how bad those foods are, but because we can’t resist them – and that’s by design.

Nobody smokes cigarettes because they didn’t get the note about lung cancer.

You see, there are powerful forces that are seemingly outside of our control that conspire to not just make us fat, but also to make us sick, tired and even depressed.

I call these forces “Life’s Small Troublemakers” and they inflict havoc on our ability to control our cravings, combat urges and avoid temptation and result in stretched waistlines, failed diets and drained energy.

But there is a series of simple steps you can take to send life’ small troublemakers scampering, take back control of your life and your waistline.


Let me explain.
Life’s small troublemakers #1: Addictive Food

Big Food has learned how to layer their products with just the right, scientifically determined amounts of salt, fat and sugar to produce what they call “super-palatable” food – or what you and I would simple call “addictive”.

Brain studies have shown that these foods are just as addictive as drugs, alcohol and gambling are. It’s no accident that “you can’t eat just one”.

For example, your brain remembers the sensation of eating fresh baked bread; I know I love the smell, our neurons secrete a brain chemical called dopamine which virtually insures that when the basket at the restaurant is put in front of you magically in empties and the server is smiling and asking “need more bread”?


“Uhm sure!”

The next time you feel yourself being hypnotically pulled to eat a particular food, just know that there is some mad food scientist smiling somewhere, eager to line his pockets at your expense, so turn the other way and don’t give him the contentment!

Life’s small troublemakers #2: Food Labeling Tricks

Manufacturers have to list ingredients used in greatest amounts listed first.

So when manufacturers don’t want you to know that the main ingredient is sugar, they deceive you by using a dozen different forms of sugar so they can list each one further down.

Underhanded, well what do you think?

For example, all of the following are sugar in disguise: agave nectar, barley malt syrup, dehydrated cane juice, dextrose, corn syrup, brown rice syrup, raw sugar, turbinado sugar, sucrose, maltodextrin.

You can avoid succumbing to food labeling tricks by, well, avoiding foods that have labels in the first place!

Shop around the perimeter of your grocery story and eat fresh, whole, real foods focusing on leafy green vegetables and grass-fed, pasture-raised or organic meats.

Life’s small troublemakers #3: The Gremlin in your Brain

The reward pathways in our brains are powerful motivators, and they will trick your conscious mind every single time. Personally I believe that my dopamine is the cause of my personal problems with being semi-OCD, it is ok to be differant, we all are. Frankly my children think I am a freak, so I am used to the feeling.

Whenever you hear yourself saying, “Aw, just one won’t kill me”, “I just don’t have time to cook” or “I can start my diet tomorrow”, you can be sure that’s the big fat ugly “gremlin” in your brain, doing the bidding of your dopamine reward system.

These voices can sabotage your willpower, but there is a way to turn the table: next time you hear this voice, think of it as coming from someone – or something else, like a gremlin.

By externalizing this voice, you’ll then realize something “else” is trying to manipulate you and you can train yourself to ignore these voices.

Life’s small troublemakers #4: Chronic Stress

Chronic stress may begin in your brain—but it ends up packing on packing on fat, especially around your belly.

When you’re stressed, one way body responds is by churning out a big dose of cortisol.

Cortisol “instructs” the body to preserve fat around the middle, stimulates insulin – the primary hormone responsible for storing the food you eat as fat – and it also breaks down muscle, slowing your metabolic rate and making fat storage certain.

And cortisol sends a signal to the brain to “refuel” for an emergency, usually with foods highest in fat, salt and sugar. The result? You walk around stressed and starving and you’ll eat anything in sight, particularly the stuff that makes you fat and sick.

Because it’s so hard to resist temptation when you are stressed, the #1 way to combat the effects of stress you can do is to take an inventory of your life, and figure out how to minimize stress as much as possible. Also consider doing some form of active relaxation, whether meditation, yoga, deep breathing or something similar.

Life’s small troublemakers #5: Cheap Food Available 24×7

The previous 4 life’s small troublemakers wouldn’t make much of a difference if the food that makes us fat and sick weren’t available.

But it is. Everywhere. And that’s little demon #5.

Hunting and gathering? Forget that noise!

Just go to the nearest drive through or pick up the phone.

Make that a double-double with extra double please.


The easiest way to combat this toxic food environment is to remove temptation from your immediate environment so it’s NOT convenient.

For example, at home, get rid of all the sugary junk food that will tempt you when your defenses are
down. If an urge comes, you’ll have created a practical barrier that’s large enough to give you enough time for that urge to pass.

What to Do Next…

These 5 of Life’s small troublemakers conspire to make us sick and fat – but that does NOT mean we are all doomed.

Simply by reading this article and becoming aware of these life’s small troublemakers that silently influence you to get fat, you’ve taken the first step toward building a mental defense to withstand their assault.

More next time, looking forward as usual to your comments 🙂


Try these thoughts, in your own way, and like I said if in one month you don’t see a change, you don’t feel a little bit better about things, send me an email to
Tom@boomersrock.us or see much more content at Boomers Rock


Tom Matt is the host of the weekly talk show “Boomers Rock”, heard on WGHN 1370 AM Saturday mornings at 9:00 in Grand Haven, Michigan, and syndicated on the Internet here at VoiceAmerica. His show is also heard on the Spartan Sports network SSN/247. This is where he brings experts in to discuss all issues that enhance our quality of life.

Tom welcomes comments and feedback, on his site www.boomersrock.us, please join our family and change the world! Visit our website, sign up and become part of the solution, its free and always welcoming/

All aboard! –

It’s Not Exercise – It’s Cellercise – The Ultimate eXercise By Leslie Carol Botha

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It’s Not Exercise – It’s Cellercise – The Ultimate eXercise By Leslie Carol Botha

RunningHoly Hormones Honey! Tune in for Leslie Botha’s latest Episode  “It’s Not Exercise – It’s Cellercise – The Ultimate eXercise” airing May 8th at 9am Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel.

The Doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. ~Albert Einstein David Hall, the creator of Cellercise™ believes obesity is America’s #1 problem and 60-70% of us are overweight. Another 80% he says are obsessed with aging. What we do not realize is that we are not really aging – we are deteriorating. Do you want to reverse aging? Do you want to lose weight? With David’s revolutionary rebounder you can achieve both by ‘Cellercising®’ by vibrating individual cells 100 times per minute. No other exercise gives your body a more thorough and complete workout. Strengthen all your muscles all at the same time; reduce body fat, improve flexibility, digestion/elimination, back, knee, and shoulder health, tighten and tone, improve balance, open up the lungs, improve coordination, reduce stress, tighten skin and so much more in just 10 minutes a day!

About Leslie Carol Botha

Leslie Carol Botha is host of Holy Hormones Honey! on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel.  Botha is also a Women’s Health Educator and Internationally Recognized Expert on Women’s Hormones and Behaviors. She is the co-author of the highly acclaimed Understanding Your Mind, Mood, and Hormone Cycle, the first in a menstrual health education series that provides women with the education they never received about how their hormone cycle affects not only their minds, and moods, but their personal and professional relationships and their overall health and happiness.

Botha is a member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, and an advisory board member for the Cycles Research Institute. In 2006, Botha received the Edward R. Dewey Award for her pioneering research on how women’s hormonal fluctuations affect their behaviors. The award was bequeathed by the Foundation for the Study of Cycles.

Her research is also featured in The World According to Cycles- How Recurring Forces Can Predict the Future and Change Your Life by Samuel A. Schreiner, Jr., published by Skyhorse Publishing, New York City. Schreiner has noted that Botha is “one of the most prominent twenty-first century natural cycle thinkers.”Botha-player-wide

Botha has been a radio broadcast journalist for over 30 years. Her message is loud and clear: it is time for women to reclaim their health, and her passion and drive is to provide information to assist women in making informed choices about their health and well-being.


Losing weight on the Gerson Therapy by Howard Straus

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Losing weight on the Gerson Therapy by Howard Straus

healthHow is this possible?  It turns out that “healthy” has a body weight component to it.  When the Gerson Therapy returns your body to a “healthy” or “healing” condition, it will find a healthy weight for you, tend towards that weight at its own pace, and, once there, will maintain that weight as long as you eat enough calories (of the proper food) to function normally.

Think about this: The SAD (Standard American Diet) is the average diet consumed by most Americans.  That includes gobs of sugar, HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), MSG, food processing chemicals, preservatives, flavor enhancers, food colorings, and very little of what you really need.  As soon as you process food, all the enzymes are gone, the suger, salt and other sodium content skyrockets, nutrients are cooked away or destroyed, and all you’re getting is toxic and empty calories.  Of course you’ll still be hungry after that kind of meal; your body is getting none of the nutrients it needs.  Some people react by eating more, blowing up like fat balloons, others respond by attempting to cover the craving and [toxin-caused] pain by taking increasingly dangerous drugs.  (The largest selling over-the-counter drug type sold in the US is analgesic, or pain killer.)  Neither of these responses is necessary, both are highly destructive.

Let’s delve into the mechanics of the above paragraph a bit.  First a few numbers.  The SAD contains approximately 140 grams (g.) per day of fat.  The average weight gain of the sedentary American is less than five pounds per year, otherwise everyone would weigh 300 pounds in very short order.  While many such people exist, they are not the majority of the population, or even the average.

Now, 140 g. is 5 ounces (1 ounce = 28 g.).  This means that every day, the average American consumes 5 ounces of fat.  In three days, that’s 15 ounces, or nearly a pound.  To make it easier to calculate, call it a pound.  In a month, or ten three-day periods, we consume ten pounds of fat, and in twelve months, 12 x 10 lb., or 120 lb. of fat.  Let’s say the average American gains about 5 lb. per year (that’s already a lot, because in 20 years, that’s a gain of 5 x 20 lb., or 100 lb.).  Again, the average American is a sedentary creature, not given to spending hours at the gym, preferring instead to spend the time in front of a TV, switching channels with a remote, not even getting up to select the show.

What does that mean?  It means that we are consuming well over 100 pounds per year of fat, and only gaining 5 pounds in a given year, despite being generally sedentary.  Where does all the rest of that fat go, if we’re not burning it off at the gym?

That’s easy.  Our body, in a desperate attempt to maintain a healthy structure (and that’s what it does best), is dumping most of that fat all by itself.  Imagine that!  We are already losing over 100 pounds of fat every year.  The only reason that we continue to stay fat, or even gain a bit of weight, is that our consumption is keeping just ahead of our body’s ability to get rid of the offending material.

What can you do with this information?  The opportunity is spectacular, if you just think about it a little bit.  If our bodies are capable of dumping 100+ pounds of fat per year, and clearly they are, then all we have to do to lose weight is to stop pouring so much fat into it on a daily basis!  Cut out half of the fat intake we are used to, and we will start losing 50+ pounds of fat per year, automatically!  Cut out more, and we can lose 100 pounds per year without having to work out daily, sweat, take time out of our busy TV watching schedule.  In fact, our bodies already are losing that much weight, but we’re dumping more in.  All we have to do is to start eating food that nourishes us, and stop eating the food that fattens us without nourishing our body’s needs, and we will quickly return to a healthy weight.

Does it work that way?  Of course it does.  That’s the way we’re built.  But nourishing food is not easy to come by in our culture.  The foods on offer at Safeway, A&P, Piggly Wiggly and other national and regional supermarkets are loaded with additives, colorings, chemicals, preservatives and other poisons.  GMOs, Aspartame and MSG are particularly harmful, as is salt and sugar, and even worse, HFCS.  Start eating fresh, organic foods, stop eating animal protein (meat, pork, chicken, fish, dairy, eggs, anything that comes from an animal), which comes with large doses of animal fat, stop eating the foods you know to be bad, and the weight will just drop off by itself.  Bingo, you’re on your way to a healthier, fitter you.

And, by the way, you’ll be powerfully protecting yourself against a whole slew of chronic, degenerative diseases, including cancer, heart attack, stroke and diabetes!


the power of natural healing

Join author and international speaker Howard Straus on a journey to help you discover the power of natural healing.  As grandson of Dr. Max Gerson (creator of Gerson Therapy) and the son of the ever popular health advocate, Charlotte Gerson, Howard has been a lifelong champion of natural health and healing methods that really work.  Each week, Howard will interview researchers, authors and experts well known in the natural healing field, who will discuss their views and share valuable information that you can use to take control of your health. The Power of Natural Healing is broadcast live every Monday at 11 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel.

© Howard Straus, 2014.  All rights reserved.

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