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Clean Beauty

Posted by Beth Shaw on
Health & Wellness
Clean Beauty

Ever wonder what ingredients are lurking in your everyday beauty products? It’s no secret that beauty companies fill their products with emulsifiers and fragrances that are harmful to the skin, yet America doesn’t seem concerned enough to do anything about it. In fact, the last time the FDA passed a law on the regulation of beauty products was when congress passed the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act in 1938 and it hasn’t been changed since. According to a study done by the Environmental Working Group “22% of all cosmetics may be contaminated with cancer-causing impurities.” It is way too frequent that big name products are being recalled and taken off the shelves due to the discovery of cancer causing substances, making it now more important than ever to educate ourselves on clean beauty and the ingredients involved in our favorite beauty products. With such a vast influx of knowledge and technology over the past 80 years, it’s time for America to catch up on the latest health and clean beauty discoveries in order to Make America Healthy! 

Beth Shaw, founder of YogaFit Training Systems and host of Make America Healthy radio show on Voice America, challenges her listeners to educate themselves on the ingredients used in their everyday beauty products and urges them to consider natural alternatives. On her latest episode titled “Clean Beauty” Beth invites clean beauty experts Funlyao Alabi of Shea Radiance, Stephanie Morris from Beauty Counter and Ashley Jo from ASTECC to offer their expert advice on easier and cheaper ways to transition into clean beauty alternatives. Don’t sacrifice your beauty regime and listen to your clean beauty experts! For anyone starting out in clean beauty, our guests recommend undergoing a gradual transition, allowing your wallet and hormones to have time to balance, making it an easier transition into clean beauty.  

From haircare products to face and body skincare, there are a lot of ingredients involved in the typical beauty care routine. One of the easiest ways to test your favorite beauty products for toxic chemicals is by logging onto the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database where they have already tested the big names brands in skincare and rated them on a toxicity scale from one to ten. Funlayo Alabi, founder of Shea Radiance, advises to stray away from anything over a level 3 on the toxicity scale. You can also download the EWG’s Healthy Living app for easier access. 

Not only do we have to worry about the skincare ingredients in our own cabinets, but Ashley Jo of ASTECC reminds us to be cautious of the products used at the spas and therapy centers we visit. Ashley works to inform spas and practitioners on harmful ingredients and natural alternatives. Some things may seem out of our control, but when it comes to clean beauty, simpler ingredients are always the best way to go. 

With so many health crises occurring in America and around the world simultaneously, it is now more important than ever to take your health into your own hands. The ingredients we topically apply to our skin are just as impactful as the ingredients we put in the foods we eat. Transitioning to a clean beauty regime is a small and easy step towards reaching your whole health goals. Thanks to YogaFit and Stephanie Morris from Beautycounter, you can receive a 30% discount on all BeautyCounter products by visiting BeautyCounter.com/YogaFit and entering the code CleanForAll30 at checkout. Furthermore, if you are looking to advance your whole health, YogaFit Training Systems is offering 15% off your first yoga training course when you enter the code Voice22 at checkout. There is never a time like the present to invest in yourself and your health by taking advantage of these awesome deals! 

3 Essential Herbs With Powerful Health Benefits

Posted by rstapholz on
Health & Wellness
3 Essential Herbs With Powerful Health Benefits

Since ancient times herbs have been used and consumed for their medical benefits. Consuming herbs daily may help to prevent health problems, diabetes, and cancer. There are many types of Botanical Medicine available that can help with a number of ailments. The easiest way to have these essential herbs in your house all the time is to grow them in your garden. In this article, we have discussed the top three essential herbs, their history, and the benefits of using them. 

1. Echinacea 

Belonging to the daisy family, Echinacea is a flowering plant whose big, magenta petals unfurl during summer. It is predominant in eastern and central North America, and its parts (roots, stalk, and leaves) are often used for medicinal purposes. 

The Traditional Uses of Echinacea

Traditionally, this herb has been used as a remedy for skin irritation, toothaches, snake bites, arthritis, bowel pain, seizures, and cancer. Nowadays, it’s a home remedy utilized to prevent or alleviate flu and the common cold. Also, it’s commonly used to accelerate wound healing. It is also rich in compounds that are known to alleviate pain and inflammation and also has antiviral and antioxidant properties. 

Research also shows that using this herb has the potential to prevent upper respiratory infections. However, these studies are still in the infancy stage and more research is needed to determine the plant’s efficacy in preventing or reducing the duration of a cold. 


Echinacea can be found in the forms of tea, tincture, and capsule. However, there is no recommended daily intake of the herb. To prepare Echinacea tea:

-Put its contents in a mug

-Boil water and pour about 8 ounces into the mug and allow it to steep for no more than 15 minutes

-Strain to remove the plant contents and serve. You can use stevia, honey, and other natural sweeteners for flavoring. 


Echinacea is known to be hard on the digestive system, which can lead to stomach upset. According to experts, you should only use the herb on a short-term basis as continuous use can affect both the liver and the immune system. 

Before using Echinacea, ensure you consult your doctor as it may also interact with medications, especially those that affect the liver. Also, if you are allergic to herbs in the daisy family, like daisies, marigold, and ragweed, there is a good chance you may be allergic to Echinacea as well. 

2. Garlic 

Native to central Asia, garlic is a perennial plant famous for its flavorful bulbs. Nowadays, it is grown in almost every part of the globe and it’s valued both for its medical properties and cooking purposes. 

The Traditional Uses of Garlic

People have been using garlic for over 4000 years. Traditionally, it has been used to prevent infections, lower blood pressure, treat liver disease, colic, intestinal worms, tuberculosis and alleviate fevers. 

Compounds found in garlic are known to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anticancer properties. According to studies, it can reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack, and lower blood pressure. It can also be effective in preventing some forms of cancer, particularly colorectal cancer when it’s consumed either raw or cooked. 


As we all know, garlic can be consumed both raw and cooked. Also, it can be used in powder form to season meats, stews, soups, and vegetables. You will also come across garlic supplements in the form of tinctures, oil, and capsules. The recommended daily dose of garlic varies depending on how you use it. A few examples include: 

– Up to five grams of raw, fresh garlic 

– Up to 1 gram of dried garlic powder

– Up to five mg of garlic oil

– Up to 2,400 mg of liquid garlic extract

Important Considerations for Garlic Consumption

If you are looking to supplement with garlic for its medicinal properties, it is advisable to consult a healthcare expert first. Garlic is known to increase the risk of bleeding and shouldn’t be consumed if you’re taking blood thinners. For a similar reason, you should take huge doses of garlic before dental procedures or surgery. 

3. Ginger 

Ginger is a herb with a leafy stem, characterized by yellow-green flowers. It belongs to the Zingiberaceae family and is native to Asia. Ginger is a versatile spice found from the underground stem of the ginger plant and is used all around the world, mainly in foods and beverages. 

The Traditional Uses of Ginger

This herb has been used extensively all over the world in numerous traditional medicines. Over 2 millennia ago, it was valued so much for its medicinal properties that a pound was about the same equal to the cost of a sheep. 

Ginger was commonly used as a remedy for ailments like pain, nausea, and vomiting. Nowadays, it is classified as a herb, medicine, and food, a distinction it has earned over the centuries. 

When it comes to ginger’s medicinal properties, it’s popular for its ability to alleviate nausea. Studies show that ginger helps alleviate nausea and vomiting for pregnant women and those undergoing surgery. 

Thanks to the herb’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s also an effective pain reliever. According to one study, ginger helped alleviate pain and improved mobility in osteoarthritis patients. 


As earlier mentioned, ginger is a versatile herb that can be used in varying forms including fresh, dried, powdered, candied, and pickled. It tastes peppery and has a strong and spicy smell. 

There are many ways to consume ginger, including putting it in your tea. You can buy ginger tea bags at the supermarket or make them at home using fresh ginger. When it comes to consuming fresh ginger, ensure you peel the skin using a vegetable peeler. 

Important Considerations

This herb is known to be safe when consumed orally as a dietary supplement and also when used topically on the skin. Its side effects are usually mild and include heartburn, abdominal discomfort, and diarrhea, especially when consumed in huge doses. 

Although consuming ginger when pregnant is generally considered safe, it’s best to consult your doctor before using it to alleviate pregnancy-induced nausea or vomiting.

How To Get Organized With Your Medications

Posted by rstapholz on
Health & Wellness
How To Get Organized With Your Medications

If you have to take a lot of medications, then it can be quite challenging to be organized. There would be days where you have a lot of tasks and you feel overwhelmed and it would be quite helpful if you didn’t have to stress about taking the right types and amounts of medications.

So, in this post, we will look at a couple of ways that you can get your medications organized so you can always ensure you’re taking the best care of your health.

Purchase A Pill Organizer

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to get your medication organized is to use a pill organizer. You can easily buy this at any pharmacy or check out our personal selection. In most cases, these pill organizers have about 7 or 8 compartments that are labeled. Each compartment is for each day of the week with an extra compartment as a spare.

This is a great way to keep your medications on track so you know exactly what to take on each day of the week. It is especially helpful if you have to take different medications on different days.

Create Reminders & Set Alarms

If you usually forget to take your medication every day at the same time, then you should put an alarm on your phone so that you’re reminded to do so. The vast majority of mobile phones have reminders and alarms that you can use. This will help you to remember exactly when to take your pills, regardless of where you are.

Create A Schedule

One of the easiest ways to remember to take your medications is to make it a habit to take them at the same time, every day. So, for example, you can make this time in the morning, before or after breakfast.

Alternatively, you can take your medications right before bed after brushing your teeth. When you have a schedule, it will make taking your medications a habit that you automatically remember every day. It is also a great strategy if you don’t want to completely rely on your phone alarm.

Get your prescriptions online by QuickRXRefill for an easy way to order prescriptions.

Store All Medications In One Area

Make sure that you store all of your medications and prescriptions in one area that is dry and safe. This area should also be secure so they don’t easily get lost or even damaged. This will make it more likely that you’ll take them when you need to.

If you travel frequently, then you should consider using the Deluxe Pill Organizer since this will keep all your pills together in one place that you can keep with you, wherever you travel.

Create A Checklist

If you need to start taking a new medication, then creating a checklist is a good idea. When you have a list that contains all of the medications you have to take as well as the quantities, times, etc., this is very helpful for yourself and your doctor. Your doctor would be able to easily see what medications you’re taking, the quantities as well as how often you’re taking them.

This will ensure they don’t prescribe additional medications that negatively interact with the pills you’re already taking. It will also be a great way to get your medications organized so that you don’t get confused or forget what you’re taking or need to take.

Speak To Your Doctor

If the medications prescribed to you by your medical professional are confusing, be sure to have a chat with them to see if there are any simpler alternatives. However, remember that your pharmacist can also help as they are a part of your healthcare team. If you have issues, be sure to also talk to your pharmacist as they can likely assist. They’d also be able to assist in creating a medication checklist to keep you organized.

How to Keep Track of Family Members Online Activities : Online Safety & Wellness

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Health & Wellness
How to Keep Track of Family Members Online Activities : Online Safety & Wellness

Family safety is the main priority of every household. People are always worried about their family’s safety online. Especially parents, they always want the best for their kids and they want to keep an eye on kids’ phones. The phone is a great source of information because it collects important data about the habits and life of your family members, and this will include their possible bad behavior and suspicious activities. Below are some behaviors that can be a sign of something;

Are they very protective when it comes to their phone? Is it hard for them to leave their phone and need to have it everywhere they go? Is the phone always out of sight? (Do they place it face down?) Are they always locking their phone or have a privacy screen that makes it hard for someone to look over the shoulder angle? Do they put the “Do Not Disturb” function when they are around you to keep notifications silent or at bay? (Look for this feature on the iPhone, a half-moon symbol in the upper right corner.)

If you notice any behavior you will want to consider tracking their phone. You also need to look out for a second phone or a burner or even another Sim card (this is not that convenient, but there are some who do it). One way to find some information is by asking them for their phone when you are together and pretending that yours is dead.

It is even better if you manage to get the phone first before you ask for it. This way, they have to give you the password.

Touch ID

Once you have their phone, if they have enabled the Touch ID feature (or similar variant), go to the security settings tab, then add your fingerprint (if they have installed more than one print, delete one and replace it with yours so they don’t get suspicious). With this, you have easy access to their phone even if they change their password.

The Google Chrome Password hack

If your family member refuses to share their password when you want to do something innocent like order a cab or check the weather, or you cannot observe their code, then it can be tricky to gain access.

The good thing is some people are not that protective when it involves their computer passwords (you can easily unlock most of their passwords). Ask them for their computer for some believable reason and you are in.

When you get the computer, go to chrome, settings, passwords, and autofill.

When you get to the password log page, you will see which sites they have accessed that ask for passwords. The next step is the obscured passwords that are denoted by the character ‘****’. There is an eye icon next to it, click on it. You will be asked to type the computer password and now you can see the passwords. You can go ahead and save the passwords because you might need them. An easy way to save is by taking a quick photo using your phone (be careful with this because it is evidence that you have been snooping). You now need to be careful with your phone, keep it out of reach.

Downloading keyloggers

It is a software you can install on a computer and the other person won’t know that it is running in the background. You can have them record what you want, see the passwords, pages they visit, emails they send, even record them as they use the computer. This is creepy, but there are times when you have to do this.

Using a spyware app

This works like the keyloggers, but on a phone. If you have tried everything else but hasn’t worked, or you want to have complete access to their phone, you can install spyware like Spy Tracker on their phone and you get access to what they do. This can help you bust them once and for all. Keep in mind that there are legal ramifications if they choose to take action.

Tracking their movements

If they use Google, you can easily track their location history. Just click the ‘previous destination’ menu option on the navigation system. If they use android, click the Google Timeline feature on both the Google Maps app and online. This is going to work if they are logged in when they move about. Another option is typing ‘Find My Phone’ on the search bar to see where they are now.

If they are using an iPhone, there are a number of ways to track their location. You can tap into a family account if they have enabled location sharing (Find My Friends and Find my iPhone apps can work well in such cases). If this isn’t possible, then the next feature is very interesting because many people don’t know it is there. You can easily see their frequent locations by going to their Settings, Privacy, Location Services, System Services, and Significant Location. It is hard for most people to take time to disable or delete the settings every time they go out unless they are super-savvy. This makes it easy for you to see the locations they visit frequently.

There are many ways of keeping tabs on your family members for their own safety. You can put a super-small GPS device fixed under their car or an app like Spy Phone. When you track using GPS, you can see where they are going and you can easily check their activities.

Your Dirty Car Could Cause Serious Health Problems

Posted by rstapholz on
Health & Wellness
Your Dirty Car Could Cause Serious Health Problems

A recent study showed that dirty cars are breeding deadly germs, bacteria, and bugs like E Coli, MRSA, Bacillus cereus, Staphylococcus. All these germs and bacteria were found on steering wheels, gearing knobs, door handles, car mats, and under the seat.

This study also showed that 60% of car drivers eat food in their dirty cars. Eating food in a dirty car can lead to food poisoning, nausea, vomiting, and other serious infections. We clean our rooms daily but we forget to clean the cars that we use daily for commuting.

Many health experts advise that we should clean cars daily and especially the interior of the cars as we spend a lot of our time inside the car. To help you out on how to clean your car interior, here are a few tips that you can use every day to keep your car clean.

1.      Look Under That Seat!

This is the first thing to do if you want your car to be clean and welcoming.

Get rid of all items that don’t belong in your car such as bottles, toys, wrappers, coins, etc. As you won’t be able to vacuum those items, it makes sense to get rid of them beforehand. In fact, you should look under all seats to see whether there are some surprises for you in there.

In order to make your life easier, you may want to use a car trash can to throw your empty coffee cups, cans, and sandwich wrappers. It’s easier to empty this trash can as needed instead of picking your trash from the floor or from under the seats.

2.      Shake Your Floor Mats Out Every Now And Then

This is the easiest thing you can do to make your car look cleaner with barely any effort. There’s no need for further explanation on this one. Invest in Ford Fiesta car mats here.

3.      Vacuum-Up That Popcorn!

If you’re like most of us, you do eat popcorn and Cheerios in your car. How many of those do you think you’ll find on the floor?

Thoroughly vacuum everything: the seats, the floor, the mats, the carpets, the trucks, the door panels, and the dashboard. If you have a detailing brush, use it to clean the air vents. There’s going to be a lot of dust, so make sure you have your vacuum cleaner ready to suck it up!

4.      Wipe Down And Polish All Surfaces

If car cleaning wipes are too expensive for you, consider using baby wipes to remove dirt and grime. In fact, you should be storing one pack of wet wipes in your glove compartment to have it handy whenever required. This will make it very easy for you to address all spills just as they occur.

After you wipe everything carefully, spray a small amount of polish onto the plastic surfaces and buff them with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid electrical parts.

5.      Give Your Vehicle Back The New Car Smell

Everyone adores the new car smell. You can enjoy it even in an old car, provided that you use the following recipe.

Homemade Carpet Freshener

  • 2 cups of regular baking soda
  • 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil

Find a container with a shaker lid. Put the baking soda and the essential oil inside. Cover the container and shake it well. Then, let it sit for 24 hours.

Sprinkle this solution over your carpets and allow it to act for 20-30 minutes. Vacuum everything up and enjoy the results

6.      Clean Those Cup Holders

Many car owners overlook cup holders. This is why they fail at making their car look clean. In order to clean the edges of these cup holders, use some Q-tips and some water or cleaning solution.

7.      Make Your Own Window Cleaner

A little vinegar (half cup would do), mixed with one cup of water and 1/4 of alcohol will make the least expensive, eco-friendly window cleaner.

8.      Easy Stain Removal

You can clean seat stains with a solution of water and vinegar in equal parts. Just apply it to the stained area and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Wipe it thoroughly with a wet cloth.

Preparing for Your Magic Mushroom Journey- Practical Advice from Psychable

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Health & Wellness
Preparing for Your Magic Mushroom Journey- Practical Advice from Psychable

Psilocybin (also known as magic mushrooms) is a natural psychedelic substance that can be used for spiritual and therapeutic purposes. Psilocybin mushrooms have a long history of therapeutic use and have been used by indigenous cultures for thousands of years. Magic mushrooms are gaining popularity in the Western world, with many people seeking out how to take psilocybin in order to experience its hallucinogenic effects and to benefit their mental health.

Psilocybin mushrooms are currently listed as a Schedule 1 drug and are illegal in the United States and most other countries, but continued research on its health effects may eventually change that status.

Organizations like Psychable and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) are not only focused on spreading awareness and advocating for the decriminalization of psychedelic substances like magic mushrooms but also aim to share information that focuses on harm reduction strategies. One important harm reduction strategy is to ensure that you are adequately prepared for a psychedelic experience. It will help ensure that you are safe and will reduce the likelihood of experiencing a bad trip. We’ve compiled some practical advice from Psychable about how best to prepare for your own personal journey with psychedelics.

Find a Safe Place For Your Magic Mushroom Trip

The first and most important thing you need to do to prepare for your experience with magic mushrooms is to find a safe place where you feel comfortable.

Many people choose an outdoor setting for their magic mushroom experience. Getting outside and connecting with nature is a strong reminder that we are a part of something larger than ourselves. An outdoor setting is often the most popular choice for taking magic mushrooms because it can lead to powerful spiritual experiences.

If you choose an outdoor setting to experience magic mushrooms, consider choosing a place that is far enough away that you won’t encounter distractions. You may want to find somewhere where you can go on a hike or sit quietly and enjoy the views of nature. Having a sober sitter or guide accompany you on your trip is important so that you don’t put yourself in danger around water or roads. You should also make sure that someone knows where you are and how to find you in case of an emergency.

If you choose an indoor setting, a good place would be your own home. Home is typically a comfortable and familiar place where one feels in control. To a certain extent, you can control the environment by altering things like indoor temperature or lighting. You can also control the environment by doing things like diffusing a comforting scent, like lavender, which could help reduce any pre-journey jitters or anxiety.

Your Safe Place Includes People, Too

Finding a safe place also includes making sure you are comfortable with the people you are surrounded with. Especially if this is your first time trying magic mushrooms, it might be helpful for you to have a guide or sober sitter who has experience with taking shrooms. This should be a person you trust and who is committed to staying sober throughout your experience.

Decide if a Psilocybin Retreat is Right For You

Because psilocybin is still illegal in the United States, many people opt to attend magic mushroom retreats, which are often held in South America or other countries. Retreats are held in countries where psilocybin is legal, which makes some people feel more comfortable since they aren’t breaking any laws by partaking.

Magic mushroom retreats are often held in beautiful, tropical settings where the surrounding beaches and lush greenery bring to mind a sense of calm, peace, and closeness with nature. Packages may include lodging, healthy meals, individual check-ins with facilitators or sitters, and guided preparation activities. While this option may not be feasible for all people, for those looking for a holistic wellness experience and who want to focus on their overall mental health, it may be a great choice. You can search for magic mushroom retreats here

Prepare your Mind and Body

Once you are sure you have a safe and comfortable setting, you should prepare your mind and body. This means doing things like getting enough to eat and enough sleep the night before to help with any fatigue or tiredness that comes from traveling if you are going to a retreat somewhere away from home. You also want to make sure to have a good, healthy meal and drink plenty of water. These are all good habits to incorporate into your life anyway!

You’ll want to make sure you have supplies handy that you may need throughout the experience. Here is a list of some things to consider having on hand:

  • Plenty of water or electrolyte heavy beverages (like coconut water) to keep you hydrated, as you may experience fluctuations in body temperature.
  • A notebook or journal and pen so you can record your thoughts and experiences. You may want to come back to these at a later date to fully process your magic mushroom experience.
  • A playlist of calming music. You should choose music that is personal to you and aligns with your taste. If you are using your phone to play music, consider turning it on airplane mode to reduce distractions.

Consider What You Want to Get Out of Your Experience With Magic Mushrooms

It’s important to know what you want to gain from the experience, but also to have realistic expectations. Are you going on a journey for healing? Exploration? What do you hope will be different in your life after your experience with the drug?

If your goal is simply relaxation and introspection, just knowing that should help prepare your body and mind more effectively. But remember that it’s okay if nothing happens- different psychedelic drugs work differently on certain people. Rather than going into the experience with a certain set of expectations, try to approach the experience with curiosity and accept whatever the experience has in store for you.

If you’re going on a journey for healing, then it’s important to be mindful of that intention. If there are unresolved emotions or trauma that need processing, know that your brain may be about to relive some unprocessed emotions, which can be both an intense and positive experience at the same time. Many people find it worthwhile to have a trained therapist help them process and integrate the experience following the journey.

##Understand the Risks of Taking Psilocybin Mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms are not addictive but they do carry some mild risk of adverse reactions.

It’s rare for someone to have adverse reactions after taking mushrooms; however, it can happen. The most common adverse reactions are nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. You can reduce your chances of experiencing these adverse reactions by starting with a small dose. How much you take can make a difference in what the effects will feel like.

Take special care to not consume other hallucinogens or drugs while on shrooms, as this can put you at a higher risk of having an adverse reaction and may change the effects.

For more information on how to take psilocybin mushrooms, check out this article.

7 Tips On How To Get Fit Fast

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Health & Wellness
7 Tips On How To Get Fit Fast

Do you want to get fit but have a hard time getting to the gym? Well, a lot of people skip their gym sessions because they don’t have the time to do it. Yes, going to the gym has a lot of benefits such as improving your mood and reducing stress. However, many people can’t spare a few hours to do it because of chores and errands.

Packing a bag, going to the gym and getting started on your workouts takes a lot of time. However, with the right techniques, you can get an effective workout in the shortest amount of time. Here are some of the best tips on how to get fit fast.

  1. Superset Exercises

Supersets are the oldest exercises in the book since they work. You can perform 2 exercises back-to-back and get your workout completed in a shorter time. Also, you should be able to increase the number of calories burned. If you want to maintain a high intensity and get the most benefits out of back-to-back exercises, you should alternate between lower and upper body movements. That way, as one muscle group recovers, the other one is working.

  1. Time Your Rest Periods

There are so many distractions in the gym such as TV, cell phones and friends that will make it hard to stay on task. According to Thomas Paddock of Home Gym Review, it’s a good idea to bring a timer the next time you go to the gym and time your rest periods. You should limit your rest periods to 90 seconds or less. However, you can adjust the rest periods depending on your specific goals. It’s important to choose the best rest time and stick to it. When the timer goes off, you need to get back to your workouts without any excuses.

  1. Keep It Moving

When you are resting, you don’t have to sit idly on a machine. Some of the most neglected exercises include foam rolling, stretching and supersets. Therefore, you can do these during your rest periods. When stretching, you should target areas that are not part of your current workout. For instance, when doing an upper body workout routine, you should stretch your hamstrings and hip flexors during the rest periods. If there is adequate space to roll out, you should definitely consider foam rolling in between sets.

  1. Try High-Intensity Interval Training

Interval training has become very popular over the years. Sandeep Bhandari from Ask Any Difference informed us that the Tabata protocol is quite popular where people work out for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds in between the sets. Yes, these workouts might be shorter, they are not easy. By increasing the intensity, they can boost cardiovascular health.

If you want to get started with interval training, start incorporating some short and intense bursts in your regular cardio session. You can push the pace for 20-30 seconds before resting for the same amount of time at a lower intensity. You can repeat the sequence 3-4 times and increase it as you become comfortable with high-intensity workouts.

  1. Plan Your Workout Ahead Of Time

After a set, one of the biggest distractions is wondering what to do next. Failure to plan your workout sessions will kill the efficiency of your sets. Therefore, you need to write down your workouts in advance, suggests Maria of Bespoke Fitness Buddy. You can take a screenshot with your phone for better efficiency. If your workout routine requires special equipment, you need to get them beforehand to allow faster transition between sets.

  1. Have A Backup Plan

If you have written down your workout routine but find that all the machines are taken, you should have a backup plan in place. If you visit a busy gym, you will find that it’s hard to get a machine when you need it. Rather than waiting for another gym member to finish using the machine, you should have a backup plan ready for every exercise.

Remember, not all workout machines will guarantee results. If the squat racks are busy, you should use dumbbell goblet squats or try walking lunges. Both of these exercises use the same muscle groups in different ways. You need to keep moving rather than waiting around.

  1. Warm Down

A lot of people don’t warm down after their sets and this can end up resulting in far worse pain than they would otherwise need to be concerned with. Make sure to stretch and even use a suitable cream or balm afterwards to help prevent stiffness and injury.


Workouts don’t have to take a lot of time to be effective. If you have the right methods in place, it should be easy to get through your workouts within the shortest time possible and enjoy all the benefits.

5 Tips to Start a CBD Business: A Discussion with Joy Organics

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5 Tips to Start a CBD Business: A Discussion with Joy Organics

Over the last 5 years, the cannabis industry has really grown. This is because cannabis is now mostly used for medical treatment. A lot of studies have proven CBD oil provides several benefits to people with pain conditions and chronic conditions.

It is now the best time to start a CBD business because the number of potential customers keeps increasing every year. Starting a CBD business? It’s time to check out Joy Organics.

The value of the international cannabis industry was $9.3 billion in 2016. The value is expected to increase by 34.6% by 2025. It is now the best time to get into the industry before a lot of people get into the industry. Here are the best tips for starting your CBD business:

1. Do Proper Research

If you are thinking about starting your own CBD oil company, you may know something about cannabis and CBD oil. If you do not know anything, you might want to start there.

You need to know the laws relating to cannabis in your state to ensure you do not get into any legal troubles. You will take the same steps as those for setting up shop, including getting a license, a tax EIN, and incorporation.

2. Create a Business Plan

You must create an actionable business plan and write down your business goals. You need to include the following into your business plan:

A marketing plan, including both offline and online marketing strategies

A plan for financing your business and getting funding

Your target audience

Products and services you will provide or sell

Sales forecast with reasonable timelines and steps for reaching your goals

You can add more factors to your business plan, but the ones mentioned above are the most important.

3. Use Top Suppliers

If you decide to either distribute or manufacture CBD oil, you need to choose a legitimate supplier. You must check where potential suppliers get their CBD to ensure you are working with a reputable supplier. Suppliers used to get their CBD in Europe. However, there are more hemp growers in the US these days.

Make sure you are getting CBD oil with a certificate of analysis (COA) from your supplier. The COA confirms the purity and levels of THC, CBD, and other chemicals in the product.

4. Create a Website And Use SEO to Optimize It for Search Engines

It is difficult to succeed these days without a professional website. It is easy and secure for users to navigate a website and purchase your products through your website.

You need to pick the best website platforms for your CBD e-commerce business. Create original and useful content for your website. And use SEO to optimize your website for the search engines to increase its rankings.

5. Build and Market Your Brand

Once you build your brand, you can now market it. Make sure you can answer the questions your potential customers may have. Answering their questions can help you build your reputation since your customers will see you as a CBD authority.

Use social media to promote your brand and use your website to build an email list. You can even follow online tutorials on how to promote a small business.

Use the advice in this article to start your CBD business. However, the advice also applies to other businesses in different industries. The most important thing is to create a good business plan and build a professional website. Then, use SEO to promote your website.

If you are looking for the best business tips for boosting your revenue and making your customers happy, visit the Small Business Brief blog for the best tips for small business owners.

Author Bio: 

Robert is an MBA graduate. He loves to write about tech and marketing. In his free time, he plays football.

5 Healthy Marriage Habits to Develop During Your Engagement

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Health & Wellness
5 Healthy Marriage Habits to Develop During Your Engagement

It’s our loved ones that spoil us the most. Sometimes, showering us with buckets of compliments over something so petty that you’d start questioning your perception of that thing. And sometimes, leaving you with questions in the middle of nowhere.

It works both ways. Doesn’t it? And this explains why things fall apart if not tended to. Spoiled and reckless can’t win from nurtured and nourished. Isn’t it?

Well, this is exactly why we’re going to list down five of the best habits to develop to add the ever-lasting element to your relationship. With these habits, your bond with your significant other is going to become growth-oriented, which of course, will make it all healthier and happier.

So, without further ado, here we go!

1.      Communicating Thoroughly and Smoothly

Emotional bonding forms the core of whatever exists between you two. And so, you surely do not want to get it corrupted.

To keep it from happening, both of you need to communicate thoroughly and smoothly. Discuss your take and opinion on essential matters. And if there’s a conflict, talk it out until you reach a mutual agreement. Or have established peace with a difference of opinion.

Withholding your say will only lead to the development of feelings of frustration, suffocation, aggression, and resentment. And these will then lead to passive-aggressiveness and whatnot. Hence, it’s best to start practicing your communication skills before you exchange your wedding bands.

Note that there’s a difference between giving space to one another and getting distanced. You don’t want the latter to happen, so keep an eye on your better half. If things seem to be going irreversibly downhill, then it’s to confront the issue right away!

2.      Getting on the Same Page Financially

Well, you’re going to be a couple. There’s no point shying away from discussing your bank account status and goals. And no, it shouldn’t be anything provoking for either of you if you look forward to a healthy marriage. (If it is, it’s a red flag. Fix it right away!)

Share and discuss your financial goals and become each other’s back. Encourage your significant other to save up where they need to and combinedly think of ways that will help you lead a financially smart and efficient lifestyle. So, you may be able to make it to your dream house, car, or vacation one day!

3.      Finding Newer Ways to Have Fun

The engagement period’s going to be fun and cheesy. But you need to have a sneak peek at yourselves ten years down the lane. Will you both continue to enjoy your favorite coffee shop if you repeatedly hang out there for years? Well, yeah. We know. All you need is each other’s company.

But why bore yourselves out when the world is buzzing with adventure. Indulging yourself in thrilling rides and exciting explorations together will not only keep your enthusiasm alive but will also allow your relationship to thrive and survive. So, develop a habit of seeking the new during your engagement period. This way, by the time you get married, it will not be an effort but a habit.

4.      Developing Healthier Eating Habits

Your physical well-being decides your degree of contentment with life. Failing health status will not only keep you and your loved ones worried but will also be a major obstacle in your way to living life. It’s best to begin recommending each other ways of keeping nutrition intake in check. In actuality, we’d say strive to become each other’s fitness coach. If your significant others need to abide by a weight-loss plan, then be their coach and make sure that they don’t deviate from it. Generally, as well, try adopting a healthier eating pattern.

5.      Prioritizing Self Care

When in a relationship, getting lost in the other’s head is a common dilemma. You need to be each other’s back and not chains. Just because you’re in a relationship, it doesn’t mean your self has become any less important to you. Listen to some of the top health and wellness podcasts, continue practicing that skin-care routine, your fitness plan, your mind relaxation hacks, and relax as you must. Pursue your passions and enjoy bits of your alone time, at least in a week if not daily.

Author Bio:

Shawn Mack is a content writer who offers ghostwriting, copy-writing, and blogging services. His educational background in the business and technical field has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He is also fond of writing interesting articles on technology & digital marketing-related topics.

Kristen Harper will be giving a speech for the “Get Your Mojo Back” Online Event.

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Health & Wellness
Kristen Harper will be giving a speech for the “Get Your Mojo Back” Online Event.

Kristen Harper will be giving a speech for “Get Your Mojo Back: To Reclaim Your Health, Elevate Your Energy, and Live a Life You Love.  She will be speaking about Top Recommendations to Overcome PTSD, Trauma, and Narcissistic Abuse.

Kristen Harper is a radio show host on VoiceAmerica.com.  Her radio show is “Tips to Keep You Healthy, Happy and Motivated,” which airs every Tuesday at 3pm Pacific Time.  She is also a Health and Wellness Speaker, as well as Founder of Perfect Health Consulting Services, LLC.  Her goal is to help as many people as possible get healthy taking a natural approach. Her podcasts on health and wellness are available on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel.

Please sign up for this event!  Many speakers will be participating at this online event.  Our speakers have been features in CBS, ABC, NBC, and more.  Please enter your name and email here for the online event: https://getyourmojoback.me/

Online event: https://getyourmojoback.me/

Kristen Harper’s websites:



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