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Om Awakening Workshop By Dr. Paula Joyce

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7th Wave
Om Awakening Workshop By Dr. Paula Joyce

Om Awakening

Saturday, March 18, 2-3:30pm $35

Om is the sound of creation. It vibrates at the highest levels. This process will bring you in alignment with the positive, loving and enlightening vibration of the Universe.

During This Workshop, You Will:

– Open 13 new channels/chakras within your body
– Raise your vibration
– Increase your awareness of the Divine
– Heal your body
– See through the eyes of your Limitless Higher Self
– Release fears


1 copy of my best-selling book as a door prize
1 10 minute follow up phone session

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Creative Problem Solving By Dr. Paula Joyce

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7th Wave
Creative Problem Solving By Dr. Paula Joyce

Do you feel you’re capable of so much more? You can increase your productivity, creativity and success while reducing stress. The right brain contains about ten million times more information than the left, yet you rarely use it! With Dr. Paula’s unique process, you will quickly and easily access the spiritual realm through the power of your right brain. By aligning and integrating both sides of your brain, you will be able to solve even your most challenging problems.

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Finding Love- a womens workshop by Alexandra Janelli

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Finding Love- a womens workshop by Alexandra Janelli


It’s spring.  Love is in the air. The birds are doing it. The bees are doing it. And we want you to be doing it up in NYC.

Join Alexandra Janelli, Ashley Kaylor & our special guest STYLIST as we help you jump into spring as the best and most empowered version of yourself. We want to help you solidify your inner goddess, style yourself to look and feel incredible, and land the man of your dreams this spring!

Our three diverse background of Hypnotist,  Stylist, and Matchmaker will help you gain the confidence, stylish look, and dating savvy techniques you want to find love this spring.

Walk the Labyrinth Workshop on August 7 from 7:30-9:00pm Central Standard Time, at the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration

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7th Wave
Walk the Labyrinth Workshop on August 7 from 7:30-9:00pm Central Standard Time, at the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration

Walk The Labyrinth_ A Sacred Experience (1)

The labyrinth is a walking meditation, a path of prayer and an archetypal blueprint where psyche meets Spirit. Unlike a maze where you lose your way, the labyrinth is a spiritual tool that helps you find your way. The sacred geometry built into the labyrinth does the work for you. Release, connect and change with more ease.  For just $35 you can join us Friday, August 7, 7:30-9pm at the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration in Dallas, TX.

Join Paula for ‘Walk The Labyrinth: A Sacred Experience

Through this experience you will:

Learn about the Labyrinth, Walk it, Integrate What You Gained

Release fears, stress and worry

Quiet your busy mind

Hear the Divine and your Limitless Higher Self

Find your own answers

Open your heart to receiving

Improve your health and well-being

Create more peace, joy and happiness

But I Want to Be An Artist!

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But I Want to Be An Artist!


But I Want to Be An Artist!
An excerpt from Being Here, Modern Day Tales of Enlightenment
By Ariel & Shya Kane

One fall, my husband, Shya and I held one of our business courses called “Transformation in the Workplace,” in New York City. Folks from all different fields were there to discover what it takes to experience wellbeing on the job, and how to effectively communicate. As the weekend progressed, we got to hear each person’s individual reasons for attending and what they hoped to achieve.

As we spoke with Charlotte, a soft looking man in his mid-forties, Jonathan, sat up straighter in his chair. He was totally engaged in the conversation and since we had read his confidential questionnaire, we knew what he was grappling with.

When our conversation with Charlotte concluded, Shya asked who wanted to speak next. Without missing a beat, Jonathan leapt to his feet shouting out, “I do.” He grinned and folks chuckled at his exuberance.

“My name is Jonathan and I work at a large bank, running a bunch of their computer systems. I make a lot of money there, but I’m not happy. See, I’m a professional clarinet player, and I find that working during the day exhausts me and ruins my playing.”

“How so?” Shya asked.

“Well, Shya, at the end of the day I’m too tired to practice. I play my clarinet but most of the time it’s lackluster and I make mistakes. I know if I wasn’t so worn out from working at my ?*$%^&# job I could play better. I go to gigs now and I’m uninspired. I’m thinking of quitting the bank but I have a family to think of and the money is so good and I have a 401K but I don’t want to sell out for money. I want to be the artist that I know I am!”

As he spoke, Jonathan had worked himself up, his face flushed with passion. Others in the room were nodding as the professional actors and directors in the room could empathize with how day-to-day work gets in the way of being artistic. You could see it written on their faces, If only I could just act rather than have to get jobs, then I would be happy.

“How is the quality of your playing these days Jonathan?” Shya asked.

“Stale, Shya,” he said sadly. “Stale.”

“Well, Albert Einstein once said that you can’t solve a problem from within the system that created it,” Shya continued. “It sounds as if your possible solutions to your dilemma, stay and be stale or leave your job and forfeit benefits, will both result in creating problems. With transformation there is no down side.”

“I have a suggestion for an experiment,” I said. “But it will involve taking a risk. Are you ready?”

“Oh, yes!” he replied. It was obvious from his face that he hoped we would finally give him the permission he had not granted himself to chuck the job and his responsibilities to his family. Then he could go for being a full time musician at last. His eyes glowed with anticipation.

Shya and I glanced at each other and I continued, “Here is what we suggest. For the next two weeks, forget about your clarinet. Put it away.”

“Let go of all thoughts of being a musician,” Shya said.

Jonathan’s face fell and he looked ready to fight. He was sure we were just like his parents who didn’t want him to go for his truth. He thought we wanted him to do the sensible thing, the boring thing, the nine-to-five thing. He opened his mouth to protest as I finished the thought.

“…and at the end of these two weeks, see how this has improved your ability to play and how much it enhances your abilities as a musician.”

Jonathan repeatedly opened and closed his mouth in disbelief. “Wait a minute. Ariel, Shya, are you suggesting not playing for two weeks as a way to improve my musicianship?”

“Yup, exactly,” I said. “What do you have to lose? Are you willing to give it a go?”

Jonathan nodded slowly. He looked confused and he wasn’t sure what good it would do but he was willing.

“That’s great, Jonathan,” I said. “When you get home, put your clarinet in its case, and put away your music, your music stand and everything you associate with playing and practicing. For the next two weeks, pretend that your clarinet and your skills as a musician do not exist. You may think about it at first but if you find your mind wandering there, bring your attention back to what you’re doing. OK?”

“Absolutely, I’ll do it!” he pronounced with the same kind of enthusiasm he had demonstrated in the first place. The course continued and came to its natural conclusion. Two weeks quickly came and went and then Jonathan joined us once again for one of our Monday Night weekly seminars, but this time there was a bounce in his step and a glimmer in his eye.

At the first opportunity Jonathan stood and spoke. I noticed he was standing taller and looked more grounded in himself.

“I am so excited,” he announced. “Two weeks ago, Ariel and Shya gave me the weirdest, neatest, strangest, most inspired suggestion I have ever had in my life. I’ve been playing the clarinet since I was a child but for the past few years, particularly the last six months, there was no joy in it for me. I came to the Kanes’ business course hoping to find a way to bring some life back into my playing as I feel like I’ve been doing everything by rote lately.

I was shocked when they suggested that I put the clarinet and all my music away for two weeks and pretend it didn’t exist. I mean, I’m a pro! What kind of professional lets it slide for two weeks and expects to be able to play well?”

At this he grinned, “Ariel, Shya, I got my music and stand and clarinet out of the closet yesterday. It had been two weeks and a day! They were all so familiar and yet so new. I was excited to be able to pick a song and test the reed and I realized that I hadn’t felt this kind of spark for a long, long time. My fingers flew. Music flowed out of the tips of my fingers and the tone was so pure and I played for an hour without stopping and it seemed like just a moment had passed. All I can say is Wow! And, thank you both.”

“How was work the past two weeks?” Shya asked.

“It’s a little embarrassing how well I did. I guess I’ve always held a piece of myself back at the bank. I know it sounds irrational but it seemed that if I succeeded there I might get stuck in a 9- to-5 job and I might lose my creative juice. I’ve always been holding back with the hope of being an artist.”

“Are you an artist and did your work these past two weeks take away from that?” I asked.

“Yes, yes I am an artist and no, working at the bank didn’t take anything away. In fact, I got things done far faster than I ever thought possible this past week. I created new solutions to some old programming problems that we’ve been having for a while now. Even my boss noticed the difference. He stopped at my workstation yesterday and thanked me for a new piece of software I wrote. That has never happened before.”

“See Jonathan,” Shya said. “If you hold back your full expression of yourself in one area, you gradually get dimmer in all areas of your life, including or maybe especially in those areas you’re trying to protect. Life is like a magnificent river and it takes energy to stop the flow. Going about your life with excellence in your ‘day’ job turns it into a brilliant experience and it then becomes a creative act. As you go about your life with totality you become an artist wherever you go and whatever you do.”

Black Belt in the Bedroom On-Line Program Released! By Jacqueline Hellyer

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Black Belt in the Bedroom On-Line Program Released! By Jacqueline Hellyer


I’ve run the men’s workshop Black Belt in the Bedroom twenty times over the past six years, and it’s been fantastic! With feedback like: 

“In the short time since the Black Belt seminar, my partner has said that our sex has turned “180 degrees”, and that you are a “miracle worker” !”
“Black Belt in the Bedroom was the most amazingly useful workshop I have ever done!”

But only local men could attend, and not everyone feels comfortable going to a workshop. So…I’ve released the same content as a four-week on-line program! Now in your own time, in the privacy of your own home, anywhere in the world, you can access this same great information to help you become a great lover, the kind of man who brings out the best in a woman. 

Each week of this program you get access to exclusive information in three videos plus support audio and written material.

Week 1: Being A Man
#1 The Yin and Yang of Manliness
#2 Solo-Cultivation
#3 Q&A

Week 2: Understanding Woman
#1 The Intoxicating, Infuriating Nature of Woman
#2 Keep Her Simmering
#3 Q&A

Week 3: Making Love to a Woman
#1 Real sex, it’s not a performance
#2 “The Manual” (or as close to one as you’re gonna get)
#3 Q&A

Week 4: Riding the Tantric Wave
#1 The Art of Sex
#2 Get to the Horny Face 
#3 Be A Black Belt in the Bedroom

There are countless sex tips and tricks books (if you want to settle for being a yellow belt) but they miss out on the essence of what it takes to be a black belt in the bedroom. I’m not talking to little boys about how to get laid. This is not white belt land!

I’ve actually got a black belt in Aikido, so I like the analogy that being a great lover is like being a great martial artist, you have to work at it to hone your ability. And the martial arts are surprisingly like sex, in terms of feeling and flowing with the energy of your partner.

In this program we  look at sex from a scientific point of view as well as an energetic point of view. I use Taoist and Tantric concepts that are applicable to sex in the modern world.

You’ll learn Tantric Sex for men, how to make awesome love to a woman, and how to have better sex and last longer in bed!

If you want to master anything, you have to work at it, you have to study and learn and practice – and I reckon sex would have to be one of the best things to study and practice! 

The women of the world want you to be the best man you can be and the best lover you can be. So for the cost of less than one private session with me:

Do the women of the world a favour, do your woman a favour – become a great lover, a Black Belt in the Bedroom …

…it could be the best thing you ever do! Click here to register!



Want to learn more, tune in for the The Tantric Lounge, every Thursday at 5 PM Pacific on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel with renowned sex educator, therapist and coach, Jacqueline Hellyer, in the Tantric Lounge and discover the missing link to complete empowerment: your sexuality! The Tantric Lounge is a space where sex is an art and sex is a science. It’s where sex, science and spirituality meet, and everything in between. In the Tantric Lounge you’ll explore the third wave of sexuality: beyond shame, beyond sleaze, heading towards true understanding and liberation. It’s sex for the seeker, for the explorer, for the thinker. Jacqueline presents sex like no one else. She’s fascinating, funny and above all inspiring. Tune in to her wisdom and entertaining conversations with engaging guests from the leading edge of sexuality, as they discuss everything to do with sex, love and intimacy. Discover your sexual potential, become truly empowered and get more out of your sex life than you ever imagined!

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