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Feeling Well in an Upset World By Ariel & Shya Kane

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7th Wave
Feeling Well in an Upset World By Ariel & Shya Kane

November 2, 2016 – Feeling Well in an Upset World

Ever find yourself caught up in world events and feeling upset about it? Join self-help experts Ariel and Shya Kane as they discuss how to approach day-to-day happenings so that you can feel well in yourself, regardless of the circumstances. Callers welcome at 1-866-472-5795!

Listen Live this Wednesday, November 2nd at 9am PST / 12pm EST on the VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel.

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covey_link_142x130 (1)

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Stephen M. R. Covey & Greg Link, co-authors of Smart Trust: Creating Prosperity, Energy, & Joy in a Low-Trust World. The first job of a leader is to inspire trust, and the second is to extend it. So say Covey & Link. In Smart Trust, they tell us that a powerful, global renaissance of trust has begun. Sparked by recent world events, business ethics, and transparency enabled by the internet, this call for a renaissance of high trust leadership is reverberating around the globe. Smart Trust is judgment. It’s a competency and a process that enables us to operate with high trust in a low-trust world. It minimizes risk & maximizes possibilities. It optimizes two key factors: (1) a propensity to trust and (2) analysis. Simply put, Smart Trust is how to trust in a low-trust world. In order to increase influence and grow trust in a team, an organization, a community, a family, or a relationship, someone has to take the first step. That’s what leaders do. They go first. They lead out in extending trust. Join Cheryl Esposito & Stephen M.R. Covey & Greg Link to learn what you can do now to build Smart Trust!

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