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One Dedicated Olympian

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One Dedicated Olympian


Not very often do you get an opportunity to interact with one of the greatest athletes in the WORLD. I met Ryan Lochte about a year ago and realized I met a superstar, even after personally being a part of two Super Bowl-winning teams. He was very polite, showed no signs of arrogance, and generally looked like an extremely happy person. In this show, Lochte and I discuss his childhood, what it feels like to be on the heels of fellow Olympian Michael Phelps then surpass him as the face of USA Swimming, and of course what goes through an athlete’s mind and body when a Gold Medal is placed around his/her neck. Many other aspects of Lochte’s life will be discussed as well as we all get to know him better in an hour’s time. Who is his biggest inspiration? How can you eat a 10,000-calorie meal then go swim at such a high level, with minimal body fat? What charities are a part of his life? If swimming ended suddenly, what angle of a profession would Lochte pursue? Tune in 4/22/15 @ 1:00pm PT to Barely Controlled Radio and find out.

A World of Possibility

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Cheryl Esposito welcomes Kristin Engvig, founder & convener of the internationally acclaimed Women’s International Networking (W.I.N.) Conference & Global Leadership Forum.
Each year the WIN conference is held in a different locale in the world, with a unique theme. One of my favorites occurred in Rome with the theme Make Space: Find Possibilities. It drew nearly 1000 people to spend 3 days in Rome, working together to shape themselves for a world filled with possibility in the face of an uncertain future. It is time to leave what no longer works & courageously make space allowing something new into our lives as we reach for the stars.Kristin has gathered over 10,000 leaders to life-changing events across the globe. She is the creative mind & engaging spirit behind the face of W.I.N. Kristin is a visionary who transformed her idea of ‘bringing a more feminine, global and sustainable vision to work, communities and life’ into an opportunity to empower, develop and connect women leaders. Want to know more? Join Cheryl Esposito and Kristin Engvig to explore a future in a world of possibility.

Tune into Leading Conversations 4/3/15 @ 10am PST to hear more.,

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