Today was day like any other. We decided to journey to the Mall of Africa. We have been there several times and its always beautiful and astonishing. Today in particular the weather was exceptional. As we walked along the piazza we noticed a little boy playing in the water feature. I smiled greeted his mother and she laughed. She said, “I know every time we come to Mall of Africa, I must bring another change of clothes from him. Even when his father brings him, same thing. He is not going to allow us to leave until he has played in the water.” The joy in that kids face was priceless, the smile on her face watching the joy in his, made me smile. It was contagious. Just looking at all beauty, even the small things, such as child playing in water.

We have a most phenomenal day. Africa… There is so much to do here…

Please join us for visit. We want to show you, The Real South Africa.

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